Republican Primaries Stolen by Democrats

Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump speaks at the Saint Andelm College New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire June 13, 2016. / AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY        (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)
Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump speaks at the Saint Andelm College New Hampshire Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire June 13, 2016. / AFP / TIMOTHY A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Maybe the NeverTrump people have a point. Way back when Trump first started winning the early primaries the Lexington Libertarian stated that Trump’s support came from a lot of crossover voters. Some were Independents but the vast majority were Democrats. And what the Democrats were out to do was disenfranchise Republicans from choosing their best nominee and to vote in Republican Primaries in such large numbers as to saddle the Republican Party with its weakest and worst nominee.

It was easy in Open Primary states or Semi-Open for non Republicans to request a Republican Primary ballot. Of course this means they couldn’t vote again in the Democrat Party but they didn’t care. Their only goal was to screw up the works a la Rush’s Operation Chaos. In Closed Primaries Democrats had to change their registration to Republican. Then they could vote in the Republican Party. But in the general election they could vote for anyone they wanted. And at some later date they could change their registration back to Democrat.

Trump brags about how he has gotten more Republican votes in Presidential Primaries than any other candidate for the office has in the past. But what many do not realize is that some of these voters are not “real” Republicans but pseudo ones. They have corrupted the system by using it to play a dirty trick on the Republican Party. This year is not the first year this skullduggery has been used, but until 2016 it was never used so extensively. But then again we haven’t had a Clinton run in awhile.  This is not a game that Republicans readily play. So there never is any payback.

It remains to be seen whether these crossover voters are really Trump fans or if they will go back to being Democrats in the November general election. Only time will tell. But what is an interesting outcome may be that Trump may win in spite of what they do. Just the same Republicans ought to take some measures to try to limit crossover voters. They should insist that all their Primaries be Closed Primaries, only open to registered Republican voters. Why should non Republicans have a say in who the Republican nominee for President is.

Once again the Lexington Libertarian reported this many moons ago but evidently no one was listening or no one gave a dam. So now y’all must live and die with Trump.

Just like the Lexington Libertarian has reported that Democrats have hacked voting machines and rigged them to only vote Democrat. No one seems to care about that issue either.

Julie Custer reports for American Thinker:Trump

Many conservatives favored different candidates in the primaries but now feel it’s in the best interest of the Republican Party and the country, to get behind Trump as their nominee.  Planning to vote for Trump out of a sense of tradition or obligation is somewhat understandable.  Coming into this election cycle, the goal was, above all, to keep Hillary Clinton out of the Oval Office.  Beyond that, there were high hopes that a solid conservative, hopefully not an establishment puppet, would win the day.

Hillary, possibly the worst candidate in the DNC’s history, solidified the feeling that this was the year conservatives would take back the White House and send the liberals packing.  Republicans know what they’ll get with Mrs. Clinton at the helm, and the country is already in terrible shape.

So why are the #NeverTrumps not falling in line behind the Republicans’ presumptive nominee?  Set Trump aside for a moment; there’s important math to consider.

Michael Harrington has diligently pored over 24 years of election data.  His study uncovered a clear pattern of Democrat intrusion into the Republican primaries, by “strategically” voting for the opposition.

In open primary states, participants don’t have to change their registration to vote the other party, and they’ve been voting for the enemy in staggering numbers.  In closed primary states, when their Democrat candidate of choice has a solid margin of victory, voters have nothing to lose by changing their registration to Republican – they have their cake and eat it, too.  Complicit Democrats sabotage the opposition by voting for the weakest Republican candidates, setting up a decided advantage for the Democrat nominee in the general election, and causing rancor and division among Republican voters.  What could be better?

It’s often observed that Democrats will get behind even their most despicable politicians, while Republicans won’t come out en masse for a candidate who doesn’t specifically represent them, particularly on issues of religion, morality, and character.  Conservatives are justifiably hung up on integrity and honesty, traits Democrats regularly overlook (thus their nominee, Hillary Clinton).

On the right, conservatives can’t fathom how or why they continue to get seriously flawed candidates for president, cycle after cycle.  “Strategic voting” is the type of dirty trick Republicans have come to expect from the DNC – lying, cheating, fraud-ridden, abhorrent behavior, the “win by any means and at any cost” mentality that conjured “super-delegates” to cement the win for their presumptive heir to the throne.

Mr. Harrington observed the “strategic voting” phenomenon in specific states in the ’90s, and has since seen it balloon in scale to the national level.  He estimates that 12 million Democrats sabotaged the Republican primaries this spring with the following result:

Using 2000 and 2008 as baselines, the conclusion was staggering.  Trump only got about 3.3 million Republican Votes.  The rest are Democrats, approximately 12 million of them[.] … In any event our election was stolen.  Trump would be in fourth, or worse, without Democrats; he would probably only have won New York, and considering he would be doing so badly when that election happened, it is unlikely even there.  We have been tossed to the ground and electorally gang raped by Democrats.

His research explains a lot – how a lifelong Democrat, a donor and avid supporter of the Clintons, a corrupt crony capitalist with “New York values” – walked away the presumptive Republican nominee.  This data underscores the reason why, historically, the Republican Party has, excepting only the 1976 convention, recognized a delegate’s right to vote his conscience on the convention floor.  Democrats, comparatively, bound their delegates for many years, in alignment with their Holy Grail – power.

Conservatives were set up.  Democrats know that Republicans abhor the appearance of impropriety and planned the perfect strategy to confuse and confound.  It’s up to conservatives to use superior intellect, seek the truth, and uncover the facts.

Having witnessed the damage to the nation from a fifty-year plan by Alinsky-ite liberals, purposefully infiltrating public schools, academia, media, and the highest levels of government, how can conservatives choose to ignore the orange elephant in the room, pretending there were so many Christians and conservatives – in defiance of everything they believe – turning their backs on the highest principles, truth and integrity, to vote for an obvious liberal?  Mitt Romney, by every measure, is ten times the man that Donald Trump is, and yet many didn’t come out in support of him in the 2012 general election.

Logically, how can anyone possibly think Trump, a Republican imposter, has any chance of beating the Clinton machine?

Republicans don’t choose a presidential nominee democratically, and when one considers Mr. Harrington’s research, it’s obvious that Trump is “the will of the Democrats,” not “the will of the people.”




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