Obama: “The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been”

This is the problem. The Obama Administration is delusional. It will not admit that we are in a religious war, it will not admit that Radical Islamist terrorism exists and it will not admit that the world is in chaos. It probably will not admit such because it has created the mess in the first place.

Listen to Secretary of State John Kerry. He says we have ISIS on the run. He is in fantasy land.

Then you have the President saying this yesterday:

“The truth of the matter is that for all the challenges we face, all the problems that we have, if you had to be — if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history, not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you’d choose this time. The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed then it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been.”


Now listen to Hannity Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Oliver North:

Rush reports:

Here’s what Obama said: “This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse. This vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn’t really jibe with the experience of most people. I think it is important just to be absolutely clear here that some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don’t jibe with the facts.” Here’s what… I don’t think… Maybe he doesn’t get this; I don’t know.

It’s happening in our country, and it isn’t stopping! And for the president to say, “This is so overblown. The idea there’s…” This kind of stuff did not happen before eight years ago!  Yeah, you had strife.  We didn’t have mass assassinations of cops in cold blood like we have now.  We didn’t have a religion scattered all over the world making guarantees, not threats.  And we didn’t have an administration that wasn’t taking any of it seriously!

We didn’t have an administration that when those threats… When we were under fire, when we were threatened in the past, we are used to presidents taking them seriously and dealing with them.  We have not become accustomed to a president that doesn’t care!  We haven’t become accustomed to a president who seems to side with the perpetrators.  So this idea that everybody’s exaggerating how much this is happening? We’re not exaggerating!

(Obama impression) “Well, you know what?  This is not happening everywhere.  It’s a really safe country out there and you just… People think this chaos is happening much more than it is.”  Where’s all this tolerance for this?  And there is tolerance for it by Obama and Hillary.  You know why?  Because their constituents happen to be the perpetrators.  Let’s just shoot it straight here.  The perpetrators of these acts happen to be people voting Democrat, if they vote.  Who is it that’s making impassioned pleas for the felons of this country to be able to once again vote?

Who do you think wants to benefit from that?  The Democrat Party!  And that’s another thing that we all see. Some of us directly, some of us consciously, some of us subconsciously, but we all see it, and we don’t understand it.  How in the world could a political party seek to benefit from this kind of atrocity?  But they do!  And that’s what’s distressing, because the political party we’re talking about has politicized everything.  There isn’t anything they haven’t touched.

But what a reaction for Obama to have!  “Well, you know, that view, it just doesn’t jibe with the facts.  This vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn’t…” Who says it’s everywhere?  Doesn’t have to be anywhere!  It has to be anywhere where nobody wants to seem to do anything about it.  We don’t even have an administration that, until recently, would even point the finger of blame at the people claiming credit for these atrocities!




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