Trump’s Russia Reference Set A Trap For Clinton

So the Democrats are saying that Trump created treason inviting the Russians to expose classified E-mails. NOW STOP AND THINK FOR A MINUTE. THINK!

We are talking about the 30,000 E-Mails that Hillary deleted that she said were personal – her Yoga schedule and workouts, Chelsea’s wedding arrangements, her personal E-mails with Bill, etc. If that’s all that these E-Mails are then where is the treason becasue no national secrets would be exposed?

BUT BECAUSE DEMOCRATS ARE CLAIMING THERE WOULD BE A BREAK IN NATIONAL SECURITY IF THE DELETED E-MAILS WERE FOUND AND EXPOSED, then Hillary, once again lied and they all are guilty of obstruction.That means there was government information and classiified information and state secrets in those E-Mails she deleted. So she, or others for her, are admitting a crime.

Rush expands on the story:

Okay, well, there’s a bunch of emails out there that we’re still trying to find out the contents of because Hillary deleted them before sending them to the FBI.  Half of the 60,000 that were on her private basement server in Chappaqua.  So Trump in his press conference has a little tongue-in-cheek comment, “Maybe the Russians could help us find Hillary’s missing emails.”  And you would have thought that the biggest act of treason has just occurred from the meltdown that’s happening out there.

It was a tongue-in-cheek comment, and it was designed to call attention to something.  It was designed to play off the fact that we’re being played.  The FBI, the Department of Justice, the Democrat Party. I don’t care where you go, there isn’t anybody that wants to do anything about Hillary breaking the law, violating the law, which has been documented by the FBI director, regarding her emails.  Half of ’em are missing.

She was trafficking in classified information. A woman who probably couldn’t get a security clearance today, is seeking the office of the presidency, and it matters.  And yet nobody seems to be interested.  So Trump throws out a line, “Maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s missing emails.”  And my gosh, it’s just… Listen to this.  This is David Gregory on a roundtable at CNN today, and this… It’s as close as I can get playing one sound bite to sum up the conniption fit that is happening out there.

GREGORY:  You know, I’ve run out of words to express my shock in how, uh, completely beyond the pale that Donald Trump is as a potential leader of the Free World, the commander-in-chief of our country.  This was truly beyond the pale.  I mean, he is encouraging Russia which, by all accounts, was behind a leak of our major — uh, one of our major political parties — uh, to do more, to go beyond, to try to hack into, uh, Hillary Clinton’s server to find missing emails, to kind of get in the middle of the scandal.  It’s as if, you know, eh, this is a child, eh, playing with matches who doesn’t understand how badly he and the country can get burned.  It’s a very serious thing.

RUSH:  How badly the country can get burned? How about how badly the country is being burned?  How about how badly we are being burned?  How about how badly we are being burned by current administration?  And, Mr. Gregory, look, I can’t prove this, but my suspicions are that if we were talking about the Republican Party, and if the Russians had somehow hacked the RNC, I don’t think you’d be nearly as outraged.  I think, Mr. Gregory, you and your Drive-By buddies would probably be demanding more.

You’d probably be running story: “What else are the Republicans hiding?  What else is on those servers besides rigging the game against Ted Cruz or whatever?” If the situation was identical to what it is except it involved the Republican Party, and a Democrat candidate had gone out there and made a one-off comment about, “Hey, maybe the Russians can help us find Ted Cruz’s email,” you think that there would be all this hand-wringing in the media about, “Oh, my God!

“We’re involving a foreign government? This beyond the pale!” You’d be in there. You’d want to get every bit of information on that Republican server as you could, and you wouldn’t care how it came back.  This preaching here, this holier-than-thou stuff is only because it involves Hillary Clinton, and they are so protective because they know that Hillary can’t go out and defend herself. She’s not capable of doing it.  She can’t go out, even if it’s not to defend herself.

She can’t do a press conference, a freewheeling press conference. She can’t pull it off.  It’s gonna fall apart. They’re gonna have to cancel it or end it early.  She just doesn’t have charisma.  She doesn’t have likability. She doesn’t have trustworthiness. None of the qualifications you need when you’re answering questions or making a speech or whatever, just to be compelling and perceived as honest, she just doesn’t have it.  I mean, these people…

When the Pentagon Papers were published by the New York Times, the David Gregorys of the world were so happy about it that the New York Times got a freaking Pulitzer Prize for it.  “Yeah, Rush, yeah. But that wasn’t a foreign government! That was a foreign…” Doesn’t matter.  It was an American citizen who had dug deep in there, found some secret classified document about the Vietnam War, and had released them. The Pentagon Papers were published. It was Daniel Ellsberg and the New York Times published them, got a Pulitzer Prize.

It was all about driving Nixon out of office, not driving Democrats out of office, driving Nixon out of office.  And there was no hand-wringing; there was no concern whatsoever.  Remember when Sarah Palin’s email was hacked by the son of a high-ranking Democrat official?  Remember how outraged the Democrats were over that?  Oh, they weren’t? And you know what else?  The AP assigned something like 10 people to read every hacked Sarah Palin email.

There wasn’t any hand-wringing over, “Oh, this is a horrible outrage! Oh, this is treasonous! Oh, this is outrageous, that we are engaging in helping the hack of a vice presidential candidate’s emails. This is outrageous.”  There was none of that.  The AP, literally, put more people on the Sarah Palin email story trying to embarrass her, and they found nothing.  There was nothing in these emails.  They thought they were gonna find who knows what kind of dirt, or who knows what kind of stupidity.

But they didn’t find anything.  So this little faux outrage here, it comes up all that short, as far as I’m concerned.  And it’s rooted in pure, unadulterated partisanship to boot. (impression) “I’ve run out of words to describe Donald Trump’s unfitness for this office!  Hoping for the Russians to find emails Hillary is beyond the pale!”  And there’s a similar meltdown among some conservatives on social media, too.  “That’s not my party,” they’re saying, “not my movement, not my country!

“I can’t sit for this. I can’t tolerate this! I can’t explain this. It’s beyond my ability to support,” or what have you.  And it was… I’ll tell you, everybody’s so tightly wound that there is no humor permitted, no sense of humor. It doesn’t seem people have any. It doesn’t seem like people have any, and certainly liberals and the Democrats don’t. (interruption) I know that’s all they’re talking about.  Trump has hijacked what was the biggest night so far in the Democrat convention.

That’s another reason David Gregory and the gang are ticked off because today was supposed to be all about how wonderful Hillary is. It was supposed to be all these wonderful news stories that we didn’t know, how human she is, what a great speech Bill had done, the revitalization of the Democrat Party. “The big dog finally came out of the doghouse and really hit a home run.”  That was supposed to be leading every discussion today, and what are we talking about?  Trump and Hillary’s emails.  He hijacked it.

The Republicans are mad?  I tell you something: The Democrats don’t know how to deal with this.  They’ve never run into this kind of opposition.  The Democrats get a free road. They get no obstructions in the windshield or in the rearview mirror.  Wherever they want to go, there’s no opposition.  They have been able to rely on the fact that the Republicans aren’t gonna mount any — and then if a Republican does, they’ve been able to rely on the fact the media is gonna swat them aside and destroy ’em, if necessary.

So they’re used to owning the news cycle after such big events as last night, and they don’t. They’ve already lost it.  And they don’t… They’re not familiar with this.  They really aren’t.  They think that they know how to deal with an opposition media, but they don’t.  They have become so accustomed to owning it… They own the cycle. They own the process of writing the script of the daily soap opera, the narrative of the news each and every day.

And they’ve lost control.  And this is totally foreign territory.  They got Leon Panetta. They dragged him out of retirement. He hangs out there in Carmel, California, now, at the Panetta Institute for Golf or whatever it is. And he’s saying that Trump’s Russia comments are beyond the pale.  Breaking News: Trump Calls on Russia to Hack Clinton’s Email!” It’s hilarious on its face.

Why does anybody care what’s on those 30,000 emails anyway?  It’s just yoga lessons and Chelsea’s wedding, her wedding registry.  Isn’t that the stuff that Hillary said that she didn’t need to turn over to anybody ’cause that’s all that was on it, was Chelsea’s wedding, searching for XXXL yoga pants, boring personal stuff? Why does anybody care.  Here’s what Trump said.  It’s audio sound bite 33.  There’s a meltdown all over the place over this, and it’s just hilarious to watch.  Some people say, “Rush, you need to be taking this more seriously.

“You really… Rush, this is not funny what Trump did.”  Oh, it is.  Anyway, here it is. It’s just 16 seconds but this has caused a meltdown.  This comment alone has hijacked everybody’s attention away from the Democrat convention, away from Bill Clinton’s speech, away from how human Hillary is, away from the fact that she’s the first woman… By the way, that’s not that big a deal to people, I’m learning.  The fact that she’s the first female, that’s not anywhere near as big a deal as the historical aspect of the first African-American.

But, anyway, here’s the bite…

TRUMP:  I will tell you this: Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.  I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.  Let’s see if that happens.

RUSH:  And there has just been… Here, listen to David Gregory again. Audio sound bite 41 sums it up well, the reaction out there.  (replaying of sound bite) See, what’s wrong with that? We understand how we are getting burned. We understand how we’re being lied to. We understand how the connected get away with it. We understand all of this!  Trump is simply illustrating the absolute ridiculousness of all of this, that there doesn’t seem to be any interest anywhere in finding out just what Hillary did with her private email server.

There doesn’t seem to be any serious interest to deal with it.  It’s probably a series of serious violations of national security.  And we’re being told, “Nothing to see there! Nobody would prosecute it. It’s not a big deal.  Ho-hum.  Go away.  What difference does it make now anyway?”  It’s in the context of that Trump says, “Hey, maybe the Russians can find out for us.”  I think it’s a comment that shows how absolutely preposterous the things we are being asked to accept and believe these days.

You can tell he’s joking when he talks about the press, about Russia being rewarded by the media.  That was clearly sarcasm, and that probably really gets under their skin.  The media would reward Russia?  The media wouldn’t reward anybody for getting the goods on Hillary!  That’s the whole point.  The media’s job is to protect her.


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