NYC School Teacher Changed Her Mind On Guns in Schools After Lock Down

Hillary MeanThere comes a time in your life when reality sinks in. When you realize that you are in a dangerous situation – that the police cannot get there fast enough to save your life.

In the United States of America we have the right to protect ourselves and defend ourselves. It’s called the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution. DO NOT GIVE UP THAT RIGHT!

Politicians like Hillary Clinton want to take that right away from you. Do not let her, do not elect her.

Start refusing to patronize businesses, churches and retail stores that will not allow guns on their premisis and tell them why. MOST ALL MASS KILLINGS IN THE U.S.A. HAVE BEEN PERPETRATED IN GUN FREE ZONES.

Here is one person that woke up:


The Federalist Papers reports:

Even the thought of a school shooting can sober one’s whole day. Who wants to consider the possibility that evil people want to kill as many of ours kids as they can? Yet it is something that we must consider, and choices need to be made that will ensure the security of our children’s lives.

Some people’s answer for this is to ban all weapons in schools, and even to ban the thought or mention of guns in school facilities. How many times have we seen stories where a student with a shirt displaying firearms or NRA support was suspended for breaking school policy? All too many.

There is a great deal of hoplophobia in the public school system (that is, an irrational fear of inanimate objects such as firearms). Not only is this fear completely irrational and senseless, it literally causes schools to be the most target-rich environment for which a mass murderer could hope.

A public school teacher in New York had this sudden realization recently, when a lockdown occurred at her school. Writing for American Thinker, she described the horror that went through her mind.

Toward the end of the school year, an announcement came over the loudspeaker that I had never heard: “we are in lockdown. This is not a drill.” A teacher stuck her head in my classroom. “Lockdown.”

I thought back to the mandatory safety training that was required after Sandy Hook and the past practice drills we had, but this one was…real? OK. Lock the door. Cover the glass window of the door. Shut the lights. Shut the shades. Keep my 30 students quiet while putting them in a corner out of sight of the door. Fast. I watched them as they watched me. I was calm, reminding them to be quiet and assuring myself that this was probably still a false alarm. I smiled as they sat nervously on the floor.

After a minute, I wondered what I would do if this was not a false alarm. What could I do? The door is wood with a glass window. Could someone kick it in? Could he crack the glass and open the door? Maybe. Then what? But it was too soon to worry. It was probably a false alarm.

I started to wonder how long it would take for the cops to arrive. Would it matter? Somebody had called the cops, right? I heard walking in the hallway. I gave a smile and a nod to the children. I don’t know why, and I didn’t know who was walking in the hallway.

All was quiet. That was a good sign, right? No. It was too quiet.

At that crucial moment, it occurred to me that the only way for me to have even a chance of protecting myself and my children against an armed intruder was with a gun.

I understand that many people are uncomfortable with an armed teacher, but many are not uncomfortable with an armed guard. Those who want to protect the children from “gun violence” say the chance of tragedy is so slim that it is not worth the risk of a teacher carrying a gun. But if the chance of tragedy is so slim, why even pass these laws? “Because if it saves just one life, it’s worth it.” This doesn’t answer the real question: how am I to protect myself and those I am responsible for if left defenseless against a gunman?

I wondered as I sat alone in my car driving home later that day: since gun laws will stop no motivated criminal, why do they really want us defenseless?

What a terrifying experience. Just put yourself into her situation. Imagine yourself as a teacher in New York City, where American Nazis have destroyed any trace of self-defense rights, in a school with no people prepared to stop the threat of a mass shooting, in a lockdown while unsure if you and your students may be breathing your final breaths.

That’s an experience I want no teacher or student to have. I want not one person to feel utterly defenseless in the face of evil, and Mary Anne Marcella agrees.

I don’t know Mary Anne’s political views, but that’s not relevant here. If she’s a liberal, alright then. But this experience taught her something, something that is an extremely difficult lesson to learn. In order to stop the threats that continue to come against our children, we must prepare ourselves for when evil men plan their evil deeds.

The idea of guns in schools may be taboo. But why is that? Decades ago, firearms were all over the place in our schools. There were riflery teams in thousands of schools across the country, and students brought their guns to school and shot on school property.

So what happened?

We let fear get a hold of us. We allowed the despicable acts of twisted people to distort our thinking, and allowed fear to override what should have been our better judgment. Fear is now the basis of weapons bans on school property; not statistics, not education, and certainly not well-thought out contingency planning.

If a madman or jihadist wants to kill as many American children as he can, what effect have parchment barriers on his motives? What effect have “gun free zone” signs as he enters the parking lot? And what effect have defenseless teachers and children against the unchallenged destruction that may be wrought with effective impunity?

The only, and I repeat, the only legitimate measure that can be taken to protect our children is to have teachers and administrators who are carrying firearms on school grounds at all times. Security guards are helpful, sure. But when a madman enters a classroom and the guard is on the other side of the building, what good does it do?

There are many schools across the country that allow their teachers to carry firearms for self-defense and for defense of their students. It is time that other schools resist irrational fear-mongering, and take proven steps to protect our children. The timing has never been more critical.


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