The President Disrespects His Office And His Country By Trashing A Possible Successor

Never before in the history of this nation has a departing President taken it upon himself to declare his possible successor unfit for the office.  When George Bush was leaving and after he stepped down he refused to say one bad word or one criticism of Obama. He was a gentleman as was his father, as was Ronald Reagan.

But the Left, which Obama is definitely a card-carrying member, feels it does not have to play by any rules or traditions of decency. It politicizes everything and vanquishes all who are in its path by any means, legal or illegal, moral or immoral. It has the one and only true way and everybody else is evil.The Left takes no prisoners.

Hannity reports:

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is slamming President Obama for his recent attacks on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Obama recently called on Republican leaders to withdraw their support of Trump, calling the New York billionaire “unfit to serve”.

Gingrich responded to the attack on Trump on Tuesday’s Hannity, saying it is “pretty despicable for a President of the United States to be that harsh about his potential successor.”

“I mean, talk about undermining the United States of America, President Obama potentially did that today,” Gingrich added.

Gingrich also noted President Obama’s long list of failures during his tenure as president, including Obamacare, and a directionless foreign policy.

“You go down the list of things Barack Obama doesn’t know and it is astonishing the arrogance and the demagoguery of this man in just sweeping away others,” Gingrich said. “I think that the Obama presidency will be looked back upon as one of the great failures in American history.”

Watch Sean’s full interview with Former Speaker for he House Newt Gingrich:


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