How Hillary Will Win

The Lexington Libertarian has shown you this video before. It has reported to you that their were precincts in Cleveland and Philadelphia that voted 500 to 1 for Obama in the 2012 election. How could anybody believe that a major Presidential nominee could not get one vote in a precinct? Why is there no uproar over these irregularities? If Romney had won those two states – Ohio and Pennsylvania he would have been the President.

In addition to hacking the voting machines the Democrats will vote for dead people, will have people vote multiple times and have set up some states so that illegal aliens can vote.

And to facilitate all this they have stacked the courts with Left Wing Judges who have ruled that photo ID voting laws are illegal – paving the way for massive voter fraud!



When will you inisist that wde have honest elections again?

Rick Wells reports:

Diebold Election Fraud Built Into Machines – We Have A Serious Problem

Electronic Programmed Election Fraud

Diebold A Problem, How Many Others? – Election Ripe For Stealing


Donald Trump was been increasingly warning of the threat that our election is rigged. This is not only due to the obvious fraud and illegalities exhibited by the corrupt DNC against Bernie Sanders, but, we can’t forget the concerted effort to disrupt his rallies throughout the primaries. Those Democrat thug tactics are reminiscent of those used by Hitler in his takeover in Germany. They provided the basis for the false narrative that Trump, by virtue of wanting to put our citizens first and protect his country from the forces of evil, is a bigot.

An even more chilling development that proves there is a valid reason for Trump to be concerned is the denial by Hussein Obama that the system is rigged. If the pathological liar Obama says the system is secure we know it isn’t and we know that it vulnerable in a manner that is beneficial those anti-Americans seeking our destruction.

With those concerns in mind, this video that was sent to me by one of my readers should be of particular interest. The date, location or identity of the persons involved weren’t available but what is important is the content.

The gentleman leading the group self-identifies as some sort of local election official testing the reliability and veracity of their Diebold voting machines. What he proves is that they cannot be trusted, that they are easily prone to hacking and that the integrity of any election that is based upon their use is entirely destroyed.


The simple manipulation of the card used to activate the machines is all that is required to completely skew the results in any direction desired. Every effort appears to be being taken by those involved in the video to ensure that their test results are accurate. These are people whose jobs as election officials involve those very types of proactive security functions it is logical to believe they are suited for the purposes of this test.

This is a serious situation. Anyone looking at the size of the crowds that Donald Trump garners compared to the dismally small turnout for the corrupt Hillary Clinton knows that something isn’t right. Her media and entertainment industry sales people tell us she’s ahead but common sense, the fact that Trump promises to reverse the Clinton Obama decline of America and the fact that she is a lying criminal enemy of this nation belie their claims.

We’re being set up, America. There is no Clinton lead; the pollsters are as corrupted as the media. Our government and our nation have been stolen out from under us. We saw evidence of this in the primaries with huge turnouts for Donald Trump, minimal “crowds” for Ted Cruz, closer than exit polling would indicate contests and surprising vote tabulations in Wisconsin and elsewhere.


The attempt will undoubtedly be made to steal this election. Our government is composed of criminals, stealing things, including elections, is part of what they do. Their people and mechanisms are already in place. This may be how a part of how they plot to pull it off. We need to be aware and have a plan to counter it before it happens.



One thought on “How Hillary Will Win

  1. The video above was made by Ion Sanchos, the Elections supervisor for Leon County in Tallahassee, Florida. He surmises that the hacked Diebold voting machines that were delivered to him were to swing the election here in Florida because we are a swing state.


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