So What Happens When You Type “Hillary Clinton Is…” Into Google vs Yahoo

Many people do not know that Google is very Left leaning and solidly behind Hillary for President.


The Federalist Papers reports:

Remember this? Alicia Powe reported: If you type “lying” into the Google search engine it will suggest “Lying Ted,” the nickname Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump placed on his former rival, Ted Cruz.

But try typing “crooked” into Google, and it doesn’t bring up the “Crooked Hillary” label that Trump has attached to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

This is not coincidental.

An explosive report by SourceFed revealed Thursday that Google is manipulating its search engine and autocomplete function to bury the unflattering truth about Hillary Clinton.



From Daily Caller:

The video is the work of SourceFed, a channel with over 1.7 million subscribers that posts a variety of news, pop culture, and explanatory videos.

The video’s claims revolve around the potential searches Google recommends based on what a user has typed into the search bar, and how those recommendations differ from other search engines.

For instance, when a person types “Hillary Clinton crim” into the search bar, instead of suggesting a search like “Hillary Clinton crimes,” SourceFed found that Google proposed searches like “Hillary Clinton crime reform” and “Hillary Clinton crime bill 1994,” even though a look at Google’s own trends show that “Hillary Clinton crimes” is a far more popular search.

In contrast, when “Hillary Clinton crim” is typed into the search bars of Bing and Yahoo, it produces top suggestions such as “Hillary Clinton criminal” and “Hillary Clinton criminal investigation.”

Similarly, despite rampant speculation that Clinton may be indicted over her handling of Department of State emails, “Hillary Clinton indi” produces suggestions like “Hillary Clinton india” and “Hillary Clinton indiana” instead of “Hillary Clinton indictment,” even though the latter is a far more popular search term. Once again, Bing is completely different, and indictment-related searches dominate the suggestion box.

Watch this and then ask yourself if you can ever again trust Google.

These allegations of search engine manipulation are absolutely true and easy to verify. Google yields some very different results than their competitors, Bing and Yahoo.

Searches for: hillary clinton indictment

Google yields 860,00 thousand hits

Bing yields 18.4 million hits

Yahoo yields 14.8 million hits

Just two days prior to SourceFed posting this video, Julian Assange of Wikileaks alleged that Google is collaborating with the Clinton campaign to put her in the White House.

This report also comes on the heels of an Internet scandal involving allegations that Facebook manipulated its “trending topics” section to omit conservative-friendly stories.

This is the epitome of media manipulation.

Google is so in the tank for Hillary, the company even designed a Google Chrome extension that lets you remove Donald Trump from your browsing experience. More than half of Americans are disgusted with Clinton, yet Google never created a Clinton filter.

Google is clearly no different than the legacy Beltway media that engages in nothing but agenda-journalism.

Google and Facebook, both monopolistic corporations, are altering society’s views with censorship to to game the system. Where are government regulators when you actually need them? We must demand Congress investigate.


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