Weak Republican Estblishment Created Trump But Many Now Reject Him

Hannity Rant

We have been over this territory before. The Republican Establishment – its leaders – and Congressmen and Senators – did nothing to stop Obama’s radical agenda. Republicans said give us the House and we will be able to fight back. So we the people gave them the House and they did nothing.

Meanwhile, John McCain is running for President – a liberal Republican that angered many Conservatives. McCain refused to expose Obama’s radical background , his associations with Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn among others. He refused to carry the fight to Obama but ran a very laid back campaign. But all the Conservatives got behind McCain to work for his victory. Yet they refuse to do the same for Donald Trump.

Then the Republicans said well the House was not enough we need the Senate also in order to stop Obama. So we the people gave the Republicans the Senate and still they sat on their hands and refused to combat Obama’s radical agenda.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney was running for President this time, another Liberal Republican who was the author of Massachusetts Healthcare upon which Obamacare was modeled. The soft-spoken Romney let moderator Candy Crowley butt in on the Benghazi debate to support Obama. He also refused to talk about Obama’s radical associations or take the fight to him. But all the Conservatives  got behind Romney, nevertheless, to work for his election. Yet they refuse to do the same for Donald Trump.

Now we the people became very angry. We want a fighter, they said, someone who will stand up to the Democrats and fight them tooth and nail. We don’t want to nominate another WIMP for President.

So the angry we the people voted for Donald Trump, but this time, many of the Conservatives refused to go along. Oh, they went along for McCain and Romney who were not Conservatives but not for the Populist and Nationalist Trump.

Y’all asked for big, brash and bold – a fighter who would not let the Democrats walk all over him. That’s what you got but now you won’t support him.

The reality is this: Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be President. Forget all the third Party candidates. They will never win and only take votes away from one of the big two. Forget staying home and not voting, that’s giving a half vote to the other side. Democrats who refuse to vote for Hillary give the election to Trump. And Republicans who refuse to vote for Trump give the election to Hillary. Right now Trump has only about 68% of his Party ready to vote for him. Romney got 95% of his Party to vote for him. The reason why Trump is trailing Hillary in the polls is the Republicans who refuse to support Trump. Hillary has 95% of her Party ready to vote for her.

This is very surprising considering that most of us on the Right know that the Left is destroying this nation. If Hillary is elected President you can expect to kiss the 1st Amendment – religious freedom and freedom of speech – and the 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms – goodbye. You can also expect no wall to be built on our Southern border – open borders will continue. And so will the flood of unvetted Middle Eastern Muslim refugees continue into our nation. Eight years of Hillary will utterly destroy this nation – it’s economy, its military and its ability to function as a major power in the world.

But the biggest downside will be the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. We have one Justice waiting to be appointed. We have two more that are so old they will be replaced in the next President’s first 4 years. If Hillary wins the Presidency your children and grandchildren will be under the rule of the far Left. Free Abortion and Global Warming Cap and Trade will be part of their life. The Left will have veto power over any Conservative legislation passed by Congress. Look what they have done this year to voter photo ID laws. This Supreme Court will affect the way this nation goes for the next 30 years. Bypassing this election and nominating Ted Cruz in 2020 will be too late. The Supreme Court will already be stacked with the far Left by then.

How can you do this to your offspring? You know how destructive the Left is. Eight more years of what Obama did will ruin this country. You cannot be NeverHillary and NeverTrump at the same time. You must come out for one or the other and you must vote.


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