New E-Mails Show Clinton Foundation Operating Out Of The State Department

The point to be made is that Hillary signed an agreement with Obama before assuming the office of Secretary of State that she would not mix Clinton Foundation Business with State Department Business. She violated that agreement and had her aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin operating the Clinton Foundation out of the State Department, on State Department time while getting paid by the State Department.

And Hillary was trading donations for favors. That’s Pay for Play!

Abedin was even collecting two salaries, one from the State Department and one from The Clinton Foundation. This was not only a conflict of interest, it was illegal, immoral and private gain paid for by the taxpayers. What more do we need to convict this woman?

Will the American people really elect this person as our next President? Remember we get what we vote for and we get what we get when we stay home.


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