Joe Biden Exposes Military Aide With Nuclear Codes During Campaign Rally For Hillary


Joe “Put Your Foot In Your Mouth” Biden is such a lovable guy, but clueless. He is the biggest moron we have ever had in the Vice Presidency. That’s probably why Obama picked him. He wanted a white guy who was an idiot – makes him look better.

Here is Biden at a Hillary campaign rally pointing out the guy who follows him around with the nuclear codes – POINTING HIM OUT FOR ALL  TO SEE. Can’t you just see the guy saying, – oh no not me, no the guy next to me, I’m just a nobody? He just upped the guy’s chances of getting kidnapped and murdered by a ton.

Now something like this takes a lack of brains. That’s Joe Biden for you.


Sean Hannity remarks:

Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden.

During a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden treated the audience to a master class in irony by claiming Donald Trump is unfit to have access to the nuclear codes while at the same time proving he himself is unfit to have access to nuclear codes.

The moment came when Biden pointed out the military aid who carries the closely guarded codes–also known as the Nuclear Football–to the audience.

“There’s a guy that follows me, right back here, has the nuclear codes” Biden said pointing at the aid. “So God forbid anything ever happened to the president and I had to make a decision, the codes are with me all the [time].”

Believe us Joe, Americans are unified in their hopes that you never have to make that decision.

This is not the first time Biden has divulged information of this nature. In 2009,Biden reportedly revealed the location of a secret Vice Presidential bunker beneath the U.S. Naval Observatory to attendees at the Gridiron Club dinner.


One thought on “Joe Biden Exposes Military Aide With Nuclear Codes During Campaign Rally For Hillary

  1. if being white trash is the requirement to be VP then why is Joe crying about Donald.


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