Milwaukee The Latest City Progressives Have Ruined

The Milwaukee riots are one more demonstration that the Liberal/Left Progressive policies of the Democrats are an utter failure. 70% of the African American population are born without fathers. The public school system is an utter failure. There are no jobs, unemployment is at a record high in the big Democratically controlled cities. A huge percentage of the population is on welfare, food stamps, Aid To Dependent Children, public housing, WIC, and every freebie they can get. Poverty is rampant and children are not being supervised.

There hasn’t been a Republican Mayor in Milwaukee since 1908. Detroit is in just as bad a shape if not worse. The city looks like a bunch of military airplanes dropped bombs all over it. Vacant and abandoned houses abound. Over half its population has left. Detroit has not had a Republican Mayor or City Council in over a hundred years. Same can be said for Baltimore and Cleveland.

Chicago has become the murder capital of the free world. While some 2,000 U.S. troops have been killed in Afghanistan since 2001, more than 5,000 people have been killed by gun fire in Chicago during that time, based on Department of Defense and FBI data. For years the Daly Democrat machine controlled Chicago. Since every Mayor has been a Democrat.

There are no Republicans in charge of these failing American cities and haven’t been for a long time. It is time that we recognized that the government cannot be the father and provider to inner city children. It is time we recognized that Progressive policies have failed. It’s time for new ideas and new leadership.

The big city riots are a reflection of what happens when the President glorifies Black Lives Matter, invites them to the White House and proclaims that they are great community organizers. Ask yourself this question: Are race relations better or worse since we elected Obama, an African American, as President? A man, by the way, who trumpeted himself as the great unifier.


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