It Has To Be Trump #3

Look, folks, no matter what evasive action you take to avoid voting for Trump or Hillary you will not change the outcome to be either President Hillary Clinton or President Donald Trump. One of these two will be President, not anyone else. Even abdicating your responsibility to vote will not change the fact that one of these two will be the winner. So why, as a Republican, do some of you continue to bash Trump?

The Never Trumpers are splitting the Party and helping Hillary to win. In 2012 Romney lost the election because 3 million registered Republicans who usually voted stayed home. So even though the policies of Obama were greatly opposed by a majority of the people, Obama won a second term, a term in which he got to appoint two Supreme Court Justices and almost a third. Today 72% of the American people say the nation is on the wrong track. Are you going to stay home this year and once again elect a Democrat to the Oval Office?

In the beginning of the Republican Presidential debates, FOX News, the first up, in the very first question of the candidate debates asked all 12 of the top tier if they would support the nominee no matter who it was and not go Third Party. That question was aimed at Donald Trump and he reluctantly agreed. All the others agreed because they thought that there was no way Trump would get the nomination. Now some of those 12 have backed out of their promise and Trump is behind in the polls precisely because instead of getting 95% approval of his Party he is only getting 68% approval. This may be you if you are a Never Trumper. The Never Trumpers are taking away 15%-25% of normal Republican voters which is precisely the margin of victory Hillary, the most corrupt person to ever run for the Presidency, needs to win.

The real Conservative Republicans held their nose and supported and voted for McCain. Most but not enough held their nose and supported and voted forRomney. But far too many are refusing to support and vote for Trump.

What we have going at the moment is a coalition between the RINOS and Republican Establishment who have sat on their hands and refused to oppose Obama’s agenda and the true blue Conservatives of the Party. Two groups who hate each other are now in bed with each other to deny Trump the Presidency. And if you are successful what you will end up with is a Republican Party that is a wimp that will roll over and play dead and allow the far Left agenda of President Hillary to be enacted.


Donna Maskell of the American Thinker writes:

What If They Gave An Election and Nobody Came?

I have read of people whose conscience won’t let them vote for Trump. They say they’ll vote in the down-ticket races, just not the Presidency.

On the other hand, if you don’t vote for Trump, it’s alleged to be a vote for Hillary. And if you don’t vote for Hillary, it’s like voting for Trump. If you vote for a third person altogether, it’s wasting your vote, unless you believe in making statements or in miracles. So, conscience voter, I understand your quandary. I don’t blame you for not wanting to vote for a president at all.

Someone will still be elected. The Oval Office won’t be left empty when Obama departs next January. Someone is going to be our Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief, probably someone utterly unfit for and unsuited to steering our nation through current and future crises.

I cannot recommend how you should cast your vote. Not voting, however, does not exempt you from responsibility for the outcome. It would be a sin of omission, in that you could have done a good thing (i.e. prevent a worse thing) and chose not to.

Will there ever be an election where either or both candidates are ideal? No. We all have different opinions as to which is the most important issue, and what is the optimal course of action to deal with it. We make compromises in every election. We rank the issues in the order of our concern and see which candidate is closest to what we wish for. It’s not always a formal process, and some people settle for finding one issue where a candidate has a position that they can support.

With Clinton and Trump, finding one or more such issues is perhaps more difficult than it has ever been. We didn’t expect Trump to get the Republican nomination. We hoped, and still do, for an indictment of Clinton instead of an inauguration, but it is what it is.

If your conscience can accept the consequences of not voting, perhaps failing to vote for the least terrible candidate is the right choice for you. My conscience requires that I suck it up and vote for Trump. I despise Trump, but voting third party seems more dangerous. If a miracle fails to happen, Hillary will take office and claim a mandate from the people.

Regarding the title question, the answer is that a Democrat would vote for himself and declare a landslide victory. After all, even if no one shows up, Democrats get the majority of the dead vote.

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