Here Is Why We Say The Democrats Don’t Play Fair

The Democrats are always looking for a way to cheat. They block voter photo ID Laws. They try to find a way to let illegal aliens vote. They pay people to vote for the deceased and they try to vote multiple times. They hack voting machines to change votes. They try to intimidate people at the polls. You name it and they will do it to win. They are like a sports figure that plays dirty.

Here is Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe trying his version of cheating.

Governor Terry McAuliffe

The Federalist Papers reports:

In Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe has restored voting rights to thousands of felons “on a case-by-case basis after Republicans and state Supreme Court justices last month stopped his more sweeping clemency effort.” Though he has only restored voting rights to 13,000 felons, his goal is to reach 200,000.


Governor McAuliffe is VIOLATING court order in this tyrannical sweep of suffrage clemency. Not only that, this is clearly an attempt to acquire more Democratic votes for the presidential election this fall

As reported by The Washington Post:

McAuliffe’s planned action, confirmed by two people with knowledge of it, comes about a month after the Supreme Court of Virginia invalidated an executive order the Democratic governor issued in April. With that order, McAuliffe restored voting rights to more than 200,000 felons who had completed their sentences.

McAuliffe said his original order would move Virginia away from a harsh lifetime disenfranchisement policy that hits African Americans particularly hard.

Republicans, incensed that it covered violent and nonviolent offenders alike, said the move was really a bid to add Democrat-friendly voters to the rolls ahead of November’s presidential elections, when the governor’s close friend and political ally, Hillary Clinton, will be on the ballot.

Republicans also found the McAuliffe administration had mistakenly restored rights to 132 sex offenders still in custody and to several convicted murderers on probation in other states.

To defy the court order, McAuliffe “vowed to use an autopen to individually sign orders restoring rights.”

Can we not see what is going on here? In his haste to acquire votes for Hillary, McAuliffe accidentally provided voting rights to a “noncitizen sex offender in Peru.” Whatever you want to say about the Democratic presidential nominee, her skills rival that of a magician. She makes indictments and health reports disappear and Democratic voters appear from thin air.


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