The Reason Why Obama Has Avoided Flood Torn Louisiana


Sheriff Clarke says that since the flood affected mostly White people, not Blacks, then there could be no racial issue made of it. We will remind all that Sheriff Clarke is an African-American. It could also be because he doesn’t have to get elected again.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this one shows two things: that Obama holds golfing on a higher level than flood victims and that Democrats will vote for dead people.

Obama Flood Golfing


BPR reports:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. remarked Saturday that President Obama must believe there aren’t enough blacks affected by flood-ravaged Louisiana because the suffering hasn’t been sufficient for him to interrupt his Martha’s Vineyard vacation.

Clarke, who’s a frequent critic of the Obama administration, observed on social media:

President Sandtrap McGolfpants is busy right now.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, rolled into Baton Rouge with an 18-wheeler full of much-needed supplies and handed them out to the flood-stricken residents, while Obama has continued to play golf, take in the nightlife and enjoy the fireworks on the Massachusetts island playground of the wealthy.

All of this has had both individuals and local media pleading for the president to show his face and at least act like he was taking charge.

Ironically, Obama claims to support the controversial Black Lives Matter movement, prompting this reply:

if to he would already be there. They are his useful idiots for his agenda to destroy USA

And Black Lives Matter, which purports to represent the downtrodden black community, was called out by a local African-American for being AWOL in the flood’s aftermath.

The White House announced that the president will visit the area on Tuesday — but by that time it’s too little, too late — and because of it, he and Clinton are losing support of the black community.

we don’t want him here, Killary can stay away too, we’ve already had a visit from our POTUS

👿 Our Movement Is LARGER‼️Our Rallies Are LARGER‼️ Our Message Is STRONGER‼️#TrumpTrain🚂💨WE’LL 🇺🇸

If the president were to visit Baton Rouge, it would probably look something like this:

But Marie Maglione probably hit the nail on the head with this astute observation.

I think it’s more he’s not up for election

It all makes sense now. In 2012 Obama was Johnny-on-the-spot to visit New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and in that year he was seeking re-election. This year it’s party-time.

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