There Is No Moral Basis To Oppose Trump

Trump and Hillary together

Below is an excellent article by J. Marsolo writing for American Thinker. The immorality, illegality, and evil of Hillary and Trump are not equivalent. Crooked Hillary has been the liar and the cheat and the grabber of power at all costs. Trump, the man, is a bombastic blowhard with a big ego. But don’t you really need a big ego to govern this country in all its perplexities?

There is a big difference between saying something and doing something. Trump is getting excoriated for what he is saying, while Hillary is skating untouched through the evil that she has actually done. There is no moral equivalency here. The two are not equally culpable. And Trump is not evil. He might be hurtful with his verbiage but he does not carry what he says into deeds he has done. That’s Hillary.

Don’t get sucked into believing that Hillary and Trump are equally evil and therefore it’s a choice between tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Instead of concentrating on what has been said, concentrate on what has been done.


There is no moral basis to oppose Trump

On August 19, 2016, Douglas Ernst, of The Washington Times, reported that William Bennett, former secretary of education and author of the Virtues books,declared that holier-than-thou so-called Republicans and conservatives should put the interests of our country above their “vanity” and “moral superiority.”  Bennett said: “Donald Trumpdoes not need to speak to the ‘Never Trumpers,’ some of my friends – or maybe former friends – who suffer from a terrible case of moral superiority and put their own vanity and taste above the interest of the country,”

There are many articles and comments here at American Thinker and other websites setting forth the reasons why we should vote for Trump to defeat Hillary.  A brief summary of the reasons is that Hillary is a lying crook who will be the third term of Obama.  Obamacare will be here to stay, and a Hillary Supreme Court will weaken the Second Amendment by upholding state and local laws on owning and carrying firearms.  The nanny state will grow with more regulations.  There will be no wall on the southern border, and illegal immigration will continue.  Further, Hillary will allow immigration of Syrian and other Middle Eastern “refugees” without proper vetting, which will increase terrorist attacks in our country.

Hillary’s past misdeeds are too much to recount, such as Whitewater and covering up Bill’s rape of Juanita Broaddrick and other sexual misconduct.  Worse are the current email scandal, where she destroyed emails relating to her work as secretary of state, and her activities on behalf of the Clinton Foundation.  But the absolute worst is her failure to provide the requested security at Benghazi  and then compounding it by lying that the cause was a video.  She lied to help Obama win the 2012 election and to maintain her political viability.  And now she runs an ad attacking Trump for saying that Mrs. Khan had nothing to say while Mr. Khan attacked Trump at the Democrat convention.  Hillary has no shame and no conscience, and she will do and say anything to make money and get power.

The NeverTrumpers act, as Bennett said, from “moral superiority.”  They say it is only a choice of the lesser evil, and they cannot vote for evil.  This is complete nonsense.   There is nothing evil about Trump.  You may not like some of his words and statements, but there is nothing evil about his conduct.  Covering up a rape, using the office of secretary of state to make money,  destroying the email evidence and lying about it, and lying to the mother of Sean Smith are evil.  There is no moral equivalence between the conduct of Hillary and the words of Trump.

The NeverTrumpers do not act from “moral superiority” because there are not legitimate facts to support a claim that the choice between Hillary and Trump is a choice between two evils.

As Bennett says, if you care about the best interests and welfare of our country, then you have to vote for Trump to defeat Hillary.  It is common sense based on the facts.

If the sole factor, then, is to vote for the best interest of the country, then Jeb, Kasich, Cruz, Rand Paul,  and Carly Fiorina should honor their pledge to support the nominee.  They should announce that regardless of words said during the primaries, they are voting for Trump, and further that they will campaign for Trump, and urge their supporters to vote for Trlump.  This is especially important in Ohio, where Kasich is a popular governor and his support would help.  Such an act would show that they are statesmen concerned about the country, and not their bruised egos.

As for the professional pundits like George Will and National Review, if they are so opposed to Trump, then they should be honest and tell us how a Hillary presidency would be better.  They are having fun poking criticisms at Trump’s statements but seem to ignore the actual deeds of Hillary.

If Trump is so bad, then explain how Hillary would be better.


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