Stealing The Election From Donald Trump

Actually, the title of this post could be “A Fascinating Walk Through Modern History.” Roger Stone expounds on past Presidents, especially FDR, Eisenhower, LBJ and Kennedy. The election fraud issue comes late in the video. But if you stay with it I think you can learn a few things you didn’t know. Especially interesting is how Kennedy stole the election from Nixon in 1960 and the role Lyndon Johnson played in that election.

Stone explains the difference between voter fraud and election rigging. And then he asks the question, “Would the Clintons rig voting machines to stay out of jail?” After you have answered that question to yourself you can only come to this conclusion: If there is a way to easily rig voting machines the Clintons will use it. Consider their track record, one of dishonesty and lying and power politics. Hillary still faces a possible indictment on her quid pro quo operation of the Clinton Foundation when she was Secretary of State. If she can win the election and become President she will have the power to squash all such prosecution.


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