Donald Trump Speaks To African American Church In Detroit

Saturday, September 3, 2016: Donald Trump delivered remarks this morning at Great Faith Ministries International, a historically black church in Detroit, MI. Trump was blessed and given a prayer shawl by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.

Now did you see George Bush do this? McCain? Romney? If Republicans had gone where the problems were and talked to the Black community maybe they would get some votes from them. The last Republican to do that  was Jack Kemp.

What can Trump do for inner cities? He can help the state and city create Enterprise Zones, an original Jack Kemp idea. He can push School Choice with the Voucher System that lets parents send their children to any school, public or private so they get a proper education and work with law enforcement to curb crime. He can shut off the drug trade at our Southern border. But most of all he can bring back jobs to the city so that people have an income rather than subsistence welfare.

It is so sad to see Socialist Democrats squeeze and punish business because they are the “rich.” Those evil corporations provide good paying jobs with the proper incentives. That means a fair tax code, light regulations, cheap energy and fair trade agreements.


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