Obama Invents Fake Threat To Take Over US Elections

It was reported today that foreign entities hacked into two states election systems (Illinois/Arizona). If you read the fine print, they admit they don’t know the origin or source country of the hack although they deeply insinuate it was Russia (SURPRISE)! Just as a coinky-dink – this story coincides with a campaign by Homeland Security to take jurisdiction over our election by declaring our voting system part of our critical infrastructure and put it under the umbrella of Homeland Security (the unconstitutional shadow agency developed to circumvent government oversight and
adhering to constitutional law). Debbie breaks it down:
US Seeks to Protect Voting Systems from Cyberattacks in Campaign to Hand Jurisdiction Over to Homeland Security:
Lord Sithe (I mean the Department of Homeland Security) Offering to “Help’ Protect Our Election Systems:
Main Story featured in the video:
Homeland Security Past & Present Overlords Have Meeting On DNC Hacks to Call for Homeland Security Interventions:
Jullian Assange Interview:
Seth Rich:
More on Assange and Seth Rich:

Rigged Elections

The first thing to note about the producer and speaker in this video, Debbie, is that she is a Progressive. Did you hear that? She is not a Right Winger she comes from the Left.

Perhaps some are asking the question why would Obama want to take over the US election process – which we note would be unconstitutional? The answer is that The Establishment is not going to allow a non-Establishment person to gain the Presidency whether Left or Right, Democrat or Republican. Thus they trot out this fake paper tiger, Russia, as a threat to our elections. In the process, though they are admitting that the hacking of voting machines and rigging of elections has occurred. But it is not a foreign cyber attack but a domestic one by the Establishment. Remember the name Seth Rich who was murdered. He was a DNC computer security guy. He knew what was going on behind the scenes. And another of many people that have stood in the way of Clinton power is mysteriously killed.

The Establishment was successful in denying the Democrat nomination to Bernie Sanders by rigging some Primaries by hacking and altering voting machines in some states.

Now they will do the same to Donald Trump. The best way to ensure Trump’s defeat is for the Federal Government to hack the voting machines and alter the vote to a Hillary win.

Hillary is in poor health and cannot abide the rigors of a tough Presidential campaign. She is also a very poor campaigner. And she has not held a Press Conference in forever because she cannot answer for all the lies she has told. She has no answers for the truth either. Obama knows that the race is dead even now, but that Trump is pulling away with very vigorous campaigning and a schedule that would tire a man half his age. He went to Louisiana and to Mexico and Hillary did not. Hillary cannot keep up with him.The only thing she can do is raise money and buy TV airtime to flood the market with her political ads.

And Obama knows that when it comes to the debates if they are true debates, that Hillary is going to get creamed. That will turn the tide for Trump. The only way that The Establishment can maintain its power and keep receiving all the kickbacks and perks and side deals and corrupt gifts is to rig the election. And the only way they can be sure to rig the election is to have the Democrat-controlled Federal bureaucracy in charge of ensuring the safety  and security of our elections, so they can corrupt the vote.



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