Hillary’s Health Lies – It’s Stealth Not Health


The biggest factor in all this illness that Hillary has is that she and her campaign have deliberately hidden it. First it was allergies, then it was dehydration on a 75-degree day and finally, it is pneumonia. But what makes anybody believe that it really is pneumonia? Do you get over pneumonia with 2 days rest and then go back out on the campaign trail?

Would not any regular John Q. Citizen with this kind of trouble – collapsing and unable to walk – be rushed to a hospital? Not Hillary. She is taken to Chelsea’s apartment and treated there. Which means that this is a reoccurring problem that they are all set up to deal with. And why would you not go to the hospital? Well, maybe because you don’t want anybody to know what your real problem is. And if that is the case, the last lie is a lie and it’s not pneumonia, it’s Parkinson’s.


Daily Mail reports:

Hillary has BACTERIAL pneumonia, says her doctor – who reveals candidate had ANOTHER secret medical treatment in January

  • Clinton campaign releases letter from Lisa Bardack, candidate’s physician FIVE DAYS after she diagnosed her with pneumonia 
  • Reveals series of medical secrets – including lengthy battle with sinus infection which resulted in surgical procedure in January
  • She had drain put into her left ear to cure condition and a follow-up CT scan in March to assess for brain damage 
  • Reveals for the first time that she had two visits to the doctor this month, the first on 2 September – a secret until now 
  • A week later she returned and was given a new diagnosis: bacterial pneumonia – which she kept secret too 
  • Letter contains some medical information but misses key details including Clinton’s height and weight  – but Tim Kaine’s is revealed
  • Bardack says Clinton is in sound physical and mental health and discloses she is on other drugs including allergy and thyroid medication

Hillary Clinton battled a sinus condition so bad that she had surgery and a follow-up brain scan – but never told voters – her doctor revealed for the first time on Wednesday evening.

The Democratic candidate’s health records were partially released after days of prevarication by her campaign and her collapse at New York’s 9/11 memorial on Sunday.

But instead of ending speculation over her physical well-being, they contained a bombshell revelation that she had kept secret a condition so serious it led to surgery.

Led away: Clinton aide Christine Falvo, a long-term volunteer and former State Department staffer, escorted the stricken Democratic candidate from the 9/11 memorial

Taking her pulse? Christine Falvo was seen holding Clinton's hand as the candidate's aides' concern mounted at her physical state and she was taken towards the Secret Service van at the 9/11 memorial on Sunday in New York  

Supporting role: As Clinton collapsed getting into the Secret Service 'Scooby van', her aide Christine Falvo stopped her falling to the ground completely. It was hours before Clinton's campaign admitted just how ill she was

They revealed that in January she was suffering sinusitis and an ear infection for which she was given antibiotics and steroids.

The condition was diagnosed in the run up to the Iowa caucuses, the first electoral test for the candidate – but voters in the state were told nothing of what was wrong with her.

The condition is detailed in the letter from her physician, Dr Lisa Bardack, which then says that she continued to suffer ear pain.

Her ENT doctor, who has not been named, then examined her and she had a myringotomy tube placed in her ear to drain fluid. It appeared to alleviate her condition.

The letter does not spell out that this was a surgical procedure. It was followed in March by a brain scan, Dr Bardack discloses.

‘This scan showed no abnormalities of the brain and mild chronic sinusitis,’ Dr Bardack wrote.

‘The symptoms resolved and she continued symptom-free for the next six months.’

The disclosure came five days after she was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia – a full diagnosis which was only revealed on Wednesday, as well.

It came in a letter Wednesday evening that was posted to Clinton’s campaign website, written on official letterhead for Dr Lisa Bardack, he personal physician.

It detailed that she first came to see Dr Bardack on Friday, September 2 – a week before the campaign had previously acknowledged.

At that time she was diagnosed with a ‘low-grade fever, congestion and fatigue’ and told to see her doctor when she returned from a campaign trip.

But a week later, she returned to Dr Bardack. A chest CT scan revealed signs of pneumonia,and she was given a 10-day course of antibiotics to treat the condition, that her daughter Chelsea says she didn’t know about either until Sunday.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3789854/Democratic-presisdential-candidate-Hillary-Clinton-bacterial-pneumonia-campaign.html#ixzz4KLr4m7T0
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One thought on “Hillary’s Health Lies – It’s Stealth Not Health

  1. I think it’s “aspiration pneumonia” not bacterial. Her swollowing muscles have been effected by the Parkinson’s. Another lie!


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