You’re The One Creating Division, Hillary

We can call this Democrat reset. It’s like watching an NFL replay.

Remember when Barrack Obama came upon the scene in 2004-2008? “There were no red states , no blue states,” we were all Americans. The great unifier quickly morphed into the great divider once elected. Obama played the race card at every opportunity and it actually became racist to oppose him on anything. In fact, in the last 8 years, it has become racist to do anything. Race relations during the Obama Presidency have gone from good to terrible. Many Americans have actually been looking at reverse racism.

Now today we have Obama clone Hillary or was Obama a Hillary clone? Anyway, Mrs. Congeniality billed herself as the the inspirational ‘stronger together’ candidate. However, She is not waiting to get elected to turn the worm. Her entire campaign has degenerated into a vicious attack on Donald Trump. In the process, she has depicted the New York businessman as evil and racist to the core.

The only trouble with being an attack dog is that Hillary is the most corrupt person and biggest liar ever to run for President. On top of that, she is in ill health. It’s sort of like the pot calling the kettle black.

Good luck with being a hypocrite.

And how long are Republicans going to allow the Democrats to play the race card and fan the flames of civil discord? After all, it’s just corrupt Hillary trying to get the Black vote. And the way to do that is divide and conquer, right?


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