Trump Bamboozles Media

So Trump looks at all the fuss being made about the Birther movement and calls for a press conference where he will address this issue. The traditional media is salivating. They are all going to come and watch Trump eat Crow, they think. Then they are going to embarrass him with their questions. They are going to bury him in his own words and actions and they are going to humble him.

MSNBC, CNN and other networks open a live feed to witness this humiliation. The networks can smell blood.

And then with free TV running Trump ushers to the microphone one General, Admiral or Foreign Policy Expert after another to testify to the fact that he is the best candidate to keep America safe and protect National Security. After that, Trump moves to the microphone and says regarding the Birther controversy Hillary started it and I finished it. Let’s get on with making America Great again. And he walked off the stage.

If the media were not mad enough at getting sucked in on that the next two days what happens? IN MINNESOTA AND NEW YORK – NEW JERSEY WE HAVE TERRORIST ATTACKS RIGHT AFTER ALL THOSE ARMED SERVICE ENDORSEMENTS!!

Nobody tells it as well as Rush:


We have related, perhaps coordinated terror attacks. No question about them. Terror attacks. Terror attacks launching by Islamist supremacists, people who believe Sharia law should be the law of the land in this country.  And what do we have?  We have the political class — elites in both parties — running out every damn time, “No, no, no! It’s not what you see. This isn’t terrorism! It can’t possibly be terrorism. There is no terrorism in Islam.”

There is terrorism in Islam, Islamic supremacy. There is terrorism.  It is in their scripture.  It is how they accomplish their objectives, and we’re gonna sit here and we’re gonna keep pretending it’s not happening. We’re gonna be in denial like this as long as we have people leading this country as we have now, and we’re gonna end up not being who we are.  You remember, ladies and gentlemen, Trump, on the first night of the Republican convention?

Trump was mocked and laughed at and deeply criticized, made fun of, because the theme of his convention was “Make America Safe Again”?  Remember how the media called that “fearmongering” and “a nightmarish view of America,” and they said, “Trump’s got this dark vision of this country, this dark assessment of this country.”  Well, if you look at the polling data and if you look at the Electoral College breakouts right now, and if you look at all the problems that the Drive-Bys admit that Hillary is having with the African-American vote and with the Hispanic vote…

Guess what else?  The Drive-Bys are back now to this great fear they have that a number of Trump supporters are people who have not voted in many years because they’re fed up, and they’re not being found to be polled or any of that.  There is grave concern on the left.  And yet they fail to understand the connection that Trump’s voters have with him, and this is the kind of thing that’s a big part of it.  And it’s amazing the bubble that our so-called betters live in and that’s right in front of their noses that they refuse to see.

A great example: The Drive-By Media was outraged at Trump for supposedly jumping the gun and calling the bombing in Manhattan a bombing.  They were angrier at Trump for calling it a bombing than they were angry at the bombing!  It’s stunning to witness this!  Now, I think I know why they’re mad.  Trump really tricked ’em last week.  He told them was gonna have a press conference in Washington where he was going to admit finally — after exhaustive research — that there was no doubt now that Barack Hussein O was born in Hawaii, that he was not Kenyan.

So the Drive-Bys assembled and they figured they were gonna have a great event where Trump had to shame himself and admit that he had been wrong. They were gonna have the time of their lives. They were gonna write story after story after story about how Trump had to admit they was wrong. He was a buffoon, he was an idiot, he was irresponsible. They had the stories written.  That’s not what happened. Trump, for 20 or 30 minutes, had general after general after retired military person after retired military person come out and endorse him.

Trump led it off by noting how beautiful the room they were in was in a hotel. It happened to be his hotel in Washington — which, he pointed out, was coming in early and under budget.  And in the last minute or so Trump said (summarized), “Oh, by the way, we’ve confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii.  It was Hillary Clinton who got this whole birther notion back in 2008.  She started it; I’m finishing it.” The Drive-Bys were livid.  They had been tricked!

Trump had tricked them into showing up where ostensibly he was gonna fall on the sword and admit what a buffoon he was. That’s what they really thought they were gonna get, and then Trump shifts gears on ’em, shows all these very powerful, great-looking, ex-military guys endorsing him for reasons exactly like what then happened over the weekend with these attacks! That he’s the only guy that seems to be interested in defending the country, who happens to be running for president.  So they were livid. 

So I can understand them being angry, and I can understand them wanting… I mean, they’re salivating.  Trump tricked ’em.  They want to reverse it.  They want to trick Trump.  They want to have a reason for them to write that he’s a buffoon, and he denied them that reason after setting them up and making them think that he was giving them that opportunity.  So they end up being angrier at Trump for calling a bombing a bombing! They were angrier at Trump for doing that than they were angered by the bombing.

Hillary Clinton, “Zombie Hillary.”  Did you see her Saturday night?  Did you…? (snorts) Who in the world in her campaign lets this happen?  How in the world could they send her out looking tired, dazed, drugged — I don’t know — out of it?  Who would send her out like that?  “Well, it was an emergency, Mr. Limbaugh. We really didn’t have any choice. We had to get her out of bed.” Yeah, but it wasn’t three a.m.  “It doesn’t matter when it was. We had to get her out there.”  Well, she wasn’t ready for on-the-spot whatever she had to do.

Folks, it’s a shame. It’s a shame. The poor woman just didn’t… (sigh) I don’t know how to describe it.  I’m hesitant to get into physical characterizations, but she just didn’t look there, even today. She had a presser today for a little bit, answered four questions, all from female reporters.  (Should we make note of that or not?  I think we should.)  And she was glancing down at note cards at every answer.  This is what’s in her heart, what she really thinks about these bombings — and, by the way, she called them bombings, too!

She called them bombings shortly after Trump called them bombings.  Then she chastised Trump for calling them bombings, saying he jumped the gun. So CNN went in and edited her comments and took her reference to bombing out!  You notice how much of that has been going on lately, the media editing Hillary to save her?  And they did it in this case.  She called the bombing a bombing as well, before criticizing Trump for calling it a bombing.

So CNN edited Hillary calling it a bombing out of her remarks while, at the same time, they were blasting Trump for calling a bombing a bombing.  Now, Hillary’s first response… It was last night or Saturday night.  The days have run together.  Hillary’s first response last night, it was so low energy. Really, folks, they looked like they had just awakened her.  It was so bad it even started a hashtag trending on Twitter called “Zombie Hillary.”  I didn’t make that up.  I would like to claim credit for it, but I can’t.  Somebody in Twitter did it.

Well, until Twitter decided to sabotage it so that it wouldn’t stay. Yeah, that happened, too.  So CNN protects Hillary by editing out the fact she references a bombing, and then Twitter eliminates the hashtag, Zombie Hillary.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter.  It was so bad that Hillary had to do a do-over this morning on the tarmac at Westchester County Airport.  I didn’t catch everything she said.  Did she put the slashers and the stabbers and the bombers in her “basket of deplorables.”  She didn’t, did she?

I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut that she didn’t put the bomber and these slashers in the basket of deplorables.  Well, the basket of deplorables is reserved for Trump and his supporters, half of his supporters. But the bombers, the terrorists?  No way! They would never go into her basket of deplorables.  Did she talk about the need for us to respect our enemies and have empathy for their points of view?  Because she did that once, you know. “We just have empathy for our enemies.”

In fact, that’s her definition of “smart power,” her definition of smart diplomacy, smart defense, whatever, is to empathize with our enemies. (interruption) You doubt me?  Don’t doubt me.  It was December 3, 2014, quote, “This is what we call smart power.” (impression) “This is what we call smart power!”  She went on like that, saying, “Using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security, leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and — insofar as psychologically possible — empathize with their perspective.”

So here’s Hillary wanting to empathize with the bombers, wanting to empathize with the slashers, wanting to empathize with the militant Islamic terrorists.  And yet it is the Donald Trump and his voters who are the deplorables.


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