The Debate Was A Setup! The Media Is Complicit!!

Trump got hammered by Lester Holt and still came out on top. At times it seemed like Holt and Hillary were on the same team. Holt fact checked Trump 5 times and Hillary zero times. Holt interrupted Trump 41 times and Hillary 7 times. Twice Holt corrected Trump went it turned out Trump was right to begin with. Holt did to Trump exactly the kind of thing Candy Crowley did to Mitt Romney.

This was terrible journalism and shows that the Media has a strong Bias against Trump and for Hillary.

What surprises me is that even though the moderating was completely one sided, almost every online poll had Trump winning the debate by a fairly large margin. So the question is? What is more representative of the American people, online polling or the opinion of the News Network reporters. Almost all the MSM said that either Clinton won the Debate by a small margin or completed crushed Trump.

  • No Discussion of Clinton Foundation
  • No Discussion of Immigration
  • No Questions on Private Server
  • ’Birther Issue’ Takes Center Stage

Wasted time spent talking about how Trump treated his employees, Trump’s tax returns, stop and frisk and the Iraq War.

The American people want to know about jobs, national security, control of our borders, foreign policy, law and order. Holt tried to avoid these issues by asking Trump a lot of personal questions about how he operated. Yet he never did the same to Hillary. Again we are subservient to the agenda of a Leftist moderator.


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