Congress Reopens Hillary’s E-Mail Case Prompting Comey To Ask For Immunity


Right Wing News reports:

Looks like Trey Gowdy is reopening Hillary’s email scandal case. Right up front, FBI Director James Comey asked for immunity and Gowdy told him flatly, “Hell no!”

Classic Gowdy here… he questioned FBI Director Comey during the House Judiciary hearing entitled, Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “What concerns me Director is when you have five immunity agreements and no prosecution… when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers sit in on an interview. That is not the FBI that I used to work with,” Gowdy said to Comey on Wednesday.

The DOJ granted immunity to five people who gave nothing in return… five people they knew were exceedingly complicit and corrupt. It was all rigged, setting these people above the law. Comey should be prosecuted for what he has done.


From TruthFeed:

Here we go again, but this time it could be the end for both Hillary Clinton and FBI Director James Comey.

As you’re about to see below James Comey, the current FBI director that let Hillary off the hook for her CLEAR violation of many laws with her email scandal, has now asked for immunity from congress for his involvement in the scandal and the subsequent findings. What what!? Immunity?

That’s right. What Comey is asking for is to be absolved of what he’s done and anything that may happen in the future from any further investigations. How does that not throw up the biggest red flag in American history?!

Well it did to Trey Gowdy and he just ripped Comey a new one and is about to do everything in his power to stop that immunity from happening!

Comey is also guilty of accepting millions of dollars from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. If that isn’t corruption, I don’t know what is.

Comey is Clinton’s political handmaiden and we’re shocked that he let her skate? I’m sure he’s been promised that he will not be held accountable over this. I hope Gowdy proves them wrong. More than 200 Republicans sent a letter to Comey demanding to know why he didn’t recommend federal charges against Hillary about her use of private email servers. I guess we know why now. That he would have the nerve to ask for immunity after all this is staggering.


Darrell Issa, Issa let out a pretty big revelation about the scope of immunity granted to Clinton aides. Issa claims it was broader than first disclosed. Director Comey was asked about whether the immunity agreements given out by the Department of Justice covered crimes related to the destruction of documents that were under congressional subpoena. Previous media reports and Director Comey’s own testimony have indicated the individuals who received immunity in this case, were only given use immunity (which is very limited), as opposed to transactional (broad) immunity. Use immunity is a more limited form of immunity that essentially only protects individuals from prosecution based on statements they make to investigators or covers the production of documents or computers. Transactional immunity is a much broader form of immunity that basically serves to protect individuals from prosecution for any conduct related to the investigation. During the hearing, Issa initially complained that the FBI never notified Congress prior to giving immunity in this case. Issa said his concern was that immunity agreements given out by the Department of Justice would have impacted potential crimes related to the destruction of documents that had under congressional subpoena. For that reason, Issa claimed there is a provision requiring the FBI to notify Congress before giving immunity.Darrell Issa GRILLS James Comey On Giving Out Immunity Like Candy in the Hillary Clinton email scandal


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