Why Hillary Must Be Stopped

If you are not a Liberal or a radical Leftie then the choice is very clear and you can see that in the excellent video above. Hillary’s negatives, her actions are far worse than some over the top language from Trump. Hillary would destroy this nation and another 8 years of Obama type government would be disastrous for this country.

After watching this video you will see why Hillary must be stopped and if you come to that conclusion then the only person that can stop her is Donald Trump. Any of the Third Party candidates will not stop her. Staying home and not voting will not stop her. These last two actions will only help her win because they will siphon off votes that could go to Trump.

Is Trump perfect? Is he often abrasive? Yes. But once again words are not nearly as destructive as actions and bad actions do much more harm than words. Hillary is the most corrupt, the biggest liar ever to run for President. Please deny her the office of President.

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