Hillary Pushes Hate And Class Warfare Bloviating On Trump’s Taxes

The latest manufactured Donald Trump scandal involved the New York Times publishing the Republican candidates tax records from 1995 showing a near billion dollar annual loss. The newspaper has speculated that Trump may have used the losses accrued in 1995 as a legal write off on future tax returns. That bastard.


The Hillary campaign has degenerated into nothing more than a Trump attack machine. That’s because Hillary has no record of accomplishment to run on. She only has a record of failure. While she wallows around in the mud, trying to constantly put Trump on the defensive, she distorts the true picture of how business is run in the United States.

Of course, Hillary and most Democrats believe that corporations are evil, that profit is a dirty word and that everybody is owed a portion of the successful’s earnings. That’s why we have an economy that is only growing 1-2%. Any government incentives enacted for business to grow is considered providing undue advantage to those who already have “more than they need.” But encouraging business to expand and create good paying jobs is not subsidizing the rich as Hillary would like you to believe, it is the basis of Capitalism which the Left does not understand and the foundation of growing an economy, one that can afford to meet its obligations, provide for the needy and protect its citizens. More business, more jobs means more taxes to run this country.

But the Democrats, led at the moment by Hillary, want to punish the successful which results in less successful people and that means less business expansion and fewer good paying jobs.

The Lexington Libertarian invites you to take a close look at the video above, as it may clear up a lot of the questions voters may have on what is fair and what is not fair.

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