Obamacare, Immunity and Libya

Here are three examples of a lawless government. It used to be that our government followed its rules, its regulations, and the Constitution. Our government used to abide by the law. The Obama-Clinton Administration has from the get go considered itself above the law and not answerable to the law. This is no more evident than in the three things that Judge Napolitano brings to our attention.

Bill Clinton tells us how bad Obamacare really is. It’s CRAZY, he says. But we, as Conservatives, already know that. We predicted exactly that this would happen to Obamacare. Remember this was the first piece of Social legislation that was passed without bi-partisan support. It did not get one Republican vote mainly because Republicans were shut out in the crafting of the bill. The Democrats refused to compromise on this legislation. It had to be their way only. WE REPUBLICANS TOLD YOU IT WOULDN’T WORK.

Granting immunity that wasn’t needed to be granted in the Hillary E-Mail scandal shows just how politicized and corrupt our Federal Department of Justice is. And destroying laptops with evidence subpoenaed by Congress was outright outrageous. As we penned earlier – “The Fix Was In.”

And the Libya mess with current ISIS takeover can be laid at the hands of Hillary who engineered a disastrous regime change and in the process sold arms to our enemies.

This is government out of control and if that is what you want that is what you will get if Hillary is elected President.


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