Mrs. Clinton: Climate Change Causes Hurricanes — And Trump Is Unfit to Fix It

Apparently, Drudge had a post that intimated that Hillary and the Democrats had hyped Hurricane Matthew to try and make the case for man-made Global Warming (OK you can call it Climate Change). The situation is analogous to how the Left reacts to each mass murder that occurs. BAN ALL GUNS! So every natural disaster that occurs is going to be blamable on man-made Global Warming. Global Warmists years ago predicted a huge increase in American hurricanes. Matthew, however, is the first to hit the United States in 11 years.

This has become part of the Left’s religion. Dennis Prager tells us that the biggest religion in the world is Leftism. And Leftism wants to destroy free market economies in favor of Marxist-Socialist ones. This is the motive behind Obama and Hillary’s adherence to the radical ideology ofman-madee Global Warming.

Rush carries on:

There have not been… In 11 years, there has not been a single major hurricane strike land in the United States, and you point that out and they will run stories on how you are a denier because you are upsetting the narrative that the state wants you to hear.  But isn’t it settled science?  You don’t even need a consensus here.  Isn’t it settled science that there have been zero major hurricanes striking the US in the last 11 years.  Why aren’t the people denying this called deniers?  Why are people like me pointing it out to you held up for ridicule and challenge when it is inarguably true?

And the reason is, it doesn’t advance the agenda.  When they’ve been out there for decades trying to tell you that global warming is causing all of this, and then there are 11 years that go by and there’s not a single damn major hurricane, it just blows their whole narrative to smithereens.  You’re not supposed to do it.  You’re not supposed to challenge the state, and somebody comes along like I do and do it and they get ticked as hell.

Now, just these two things. I had to read this very quickly before the previous hour ended.  These next two things come from our own meteorology, Dr. Roy Spencer, University Alabama at Huntsville, who is a noted expert on climate change, on the science side of it. Not the political side, on the science side of it. He has his own website, weather, abnormalities, normalcies, what have you, there are several published papers by noted academics who do not follow the line of the state that have analyzed lake-bottom sentiments in Florida, and here is a quote.

“It is instructive to note…” And I will translate this for you.  Don’t sweat it.  “It is instructive to note that over the past century and a half,” that’s 150 years, “of ever-increasing fossil usage and atmospheric CO2 buildup,” which is what they claim is causing everything. Climate change, global warming, all of it is because your SUV added CO2 and all of that. After 150 years “of ever-increasing fossil fuel utilization,” the industrialized development of the country, “the frequency of the most intense category of hurricanes in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico has been lower than it was over the” past 5,000 years.

So these people are saying that increased CO2 has reduced the intensity of hurricanes.  Do you remember some of the excuses three or four years ago when we hadn’t had a major hurricane? Do you remember some of the excuses that the learned meteorologists told?  Sahara Desert sandstorms.  Yes, my friends, Sahara Desert sandstorms. So much sand was whipped up in the atmosphere that it totally screwed up the formation of hurricanes and it led to wind shear which caused the tops of these hurricanes to be whipped right off of them, retard the formation of hurricanes.

Sand storms in the Sahara Desert.

“Hey, Mabel, you hear that? Sand storms! Well, we he need more sand, Mabel.”

Now, the space sciences guy, the Goddard Space Center guy, was on with Judy Woodward of PBS. (impression) “Judy, it’s all just climate change, global warming, of course probably see it involve the ever rising sea levels. Couple the sea level rise with the storm surge and you have potentially catastrophic storms.”  Right.  Sea level change.  You know what it is?  Sea level change has averaged one inch per decade.  So the 10 to 15-foot storm surge is still 10 to 15 feet.  One inch per decade. Negligible!

HILLARY: (shouting) Another threat to our country is climate change.  Last week’s hurricane was another reminder of the devastation that extreme weather can cause, and I send my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Hermine.  But this is not the last one that’s gonna hit Florida, given what’s happening in the climate.  It affects people who lose their homes and their businesses that took a lifetime to build!

RUSH:  You’re a bigger threat to that than anything.

HILLARY: It doesn’t matter to him. When it comes to protecting our country against natural disasters and the threat of climate change, once again, Donald Trump is totally unfit and unqualified —

RUSH:  Yes!

HILLARY:   — to be our president.

RUSH:  You see? Hillary Clinton is the greatest, clearest threat to your small business of anybody out there, next to Obama.  And yet she’s out there tell…? Do you remember Hurricane Hermine?  There was a hurricane out there.  Do you remember all the devastation from it?  No! It was not a major hurricane, Hurricane Hermine. Do you remember it?  This was back in September she’s talking about this, and she’s predicting devastation. Now she can say, “I told you, global warming! Look at Hurricane Matthew.

“I predicted it, global warming,” and this is how it happens. People eat it up and suck it up and don’t challenge it, don’t question it.  And the only problem with it is, it can’t be proved.




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