Once Again It Is Not The Russians Who Are Hacking Us

It is not the Russians hacking us. That theory is just that a theory and one promulgated by our government. But remember our Government is controlled by Democrats who are heavily invested in the election of Hillary as President. This Russian theory is all a smokescreen to divert attention away from those in the United States in the know who are convinced that a Hillary Presidency would put National Security at risk.

For the past few days the DNC and Hillary have been pushing the idea really hard that the Russians are committing cyber warfare to make sure Trump wins the election. Hillary, Podesta, Kaine, RNC Chairwoman Brazile, and others are scrambling to divert attention aware from all the Wikileak documents that are being leaked. Judge Napolitano clearing says twice in the video that the Russians have nothing to do with it. He says it is the FBI and the NSA. They hate Hillary so bad that they are breaking the law to make sure she doesn’t get elected. I noticed that the Judge has not been seen much recently. It seems he is being silenced. Hillary used this talking point as a big issue in the debate. Trump clearly knows what is going on.


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