Stop The Politics Of Personal Destruction

Every four years Democrats come up with a last minute slanderous October surprise against the Republican nominee for President. These “dirty tricks” are deliberately designed to shift voter approval at the last minute and allow little room for fact checking and repudiation.

They did it in 2008 to McCain when they falsely accused him of having an affair with another woman.

They did it to Romney in 2012 when they accused this icon of morality and virtue to having been a bully in prep school. They charged that he was cruel to animals citing the dog-on-roof-of-car incident. They maintained that he was responsible for a woman’s death from cancer. They made the ridiculous claim that Romney wanted to outlaw contraception. They called him a predator capitalist. And Harry Reid got up in the Senate time and time again and said that Romney had paid no taxes in 10 years, that and why wouldn’t he release his tax returns (sound familiar?).After Obama won the election he all but admitted it was all a lie when he said, “Well we won didn’t we.”

The Democrats portrayed Romney as a rich, out of touch, dog-hating, misogynist, tax evading, vampire Capitalist who didn’t care about a woman dying of cancer after she lost her insurance – this the originator of Romneycare.

They pulled the same despicable hate campaign against Newt Gingrich in the 2012 primary debate in Charleston, South Carolina. Remember this?

And now they have sprung a last minute dirty trick on Trump:

Rush reports:

So Donald Trump, 30 years an A-list celebrity, 30-years, wildly rich, wildly famous, he’s owned the Miss Universe pageant, he’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world, 30 years.  And not once in those 30 years has any of them ever claimed that he octopused ’em and he assaulted ’em, not once.  Nope, not until three weeks ago before the presidential election.

For 30 years Donald Trump’s been all over the world, all over the country, he’s hosted TV shows.  Not once did anybody say he was a racist pig, until he began to run for president on the Republican ticket and then here came the catcalls.

Here we have a president for eight years who actually did all of these horrible things, and his wife was his enabler.  And we still can’t get any acknowledgment of that in the media, and we can’t get any further investigation.  The women who to this day, I mean, they have just as much credibility if not more than this Leeds babe that says Trump octopused her.  You know, CNN, NBC, they’ve got this Leeds babe all over the place, and they’re taking her statement as though it’s testimony under oath.

They will not talk to Kathleen Willey.  They will not talk to Juanita Broaddrick. They will not talk to Paula Jones, but you let any woman who we’ve never heard of for 30 years bop up and say Trump octopused her or bop up and say Trump did this to her, did this or tried to do that, bammo, they’re media stars. They have instant credibility.  The media acts as though they’re telling the gospel.  And they’re all over the place and they get to condemn Trump.

And, meanwhile, where it actually happened in the White House and home, by the way, of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton — and for those of you saying, “Come on, Rush, this misses the point. Trump’s going after Bill Clinton and Bill Clinton is not on the ballot.”  Hillary is, and Hillary was part of it.  Hillary was the enabler.  Hillary ran the operation to sully, demean, impugn, and destroy the women who came forward to accuse her husband.

And, meanwhile, all these rabid, continuing insults and assaults on Trump with women nobody ever heard of and now all of a sudden they are gospel.  But the women who were actually raped and assaulted and abused and mistreated by Bill Clinton can’t get the time of day on the same networks that the Trump women have been made heroines.  It’s about time the American people saw this for what it is, and it’s about time that there was a huge backlash against the media and the Democrat Party because, for all this talk of what Trump is and Trump’s that and doing this, it’s the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media, the mainstream media that’s taken this country to the sewer.

Now three weeks out from a presidential election we’re learning all this stuff that Donald Trump’s been doing that nobody’s ever seen before and nobody’s ever testified to before?  This stuff — you know, the Democrats and the media used to tell us that the politics of personal destruction needed to come to a screeching halt. That all these negative ads and negative stuff, it was horrible, it was ruining our politics, voter turnout was being suppressed.  We need to raise ourselves up, they said.

We need to stick to the issues, they said, the very same people who live and take everybody down to the gutter with them in this campaign.  And it’s about time there was a backlash against it.  It’s about time the American people woke up and understood what’s going on here, that they’re being lied to, manipulated, and being set up for a woman to be elected president who is going to continue the decline of this country at a rate more rapid than anybody has ever seen or expects. 


In 1992 we decided as a nation when Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky affair made the news, that a President’s personal problems had no bearing on his ability to hold and perform the office of President. WE OUTLAWED SEX from Presidential judgment. All the charges of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton were considered irrelevant and actually discrimination against his Presidential ability.

Ah, but that was a Democrat. It’s different when it’s a Republican.

Trump is certainly a well-known figure in society and one with mucho dinero. If any of these charges were true why would not at least one woman have stepped forward sooner to collect a big payday?  Why did they all appear at the very last minute? Shades of Anita Hill. Certainly Jeb Bush would have used this material to defeat Trump in the primary.

Hillary has collected a campaign war chest of millions of dollars, somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 million plus whatever she could siphon off from the Clinton Foundation. It would be very easy for her to spread a few million around to buy women to lie.

Rush adds:

Such allegations are never made about Democrats, and when the Democrats actually behave in the manner that they are now accusing Trump, the media and the Democrats cover it up and tell everybody, “It’s nobody’s business.  It’s just sex.  And it didn’t change the way the Democrat did his job.  It didn’t change the way Clinton was behaving as president, so it’s none of your business.” They tell us that when it involves a Democrat.

Teddy Kennedy can take a woman out of Chappaquiddick and kill her, driving off a bridge while drunk.  JFK can be literally bedding an endless parade of women of various character throughout the so-called Camelot days of the Kennedy administration, and they not only don’t report it, they cover it up later on when it comes out.  And then they romanticize it in the case of JFK.  And they make it look like every woman in the world wanted in the White House, even female reporters.

So it must have been cool ’cause it was Camelot.  Never fails!  Every presidential campaign, something that nobody has ever heard of before surfaces about the Republican nominee.  And then the full-court press begins, and other — in this case — women begin to surface.  And the media treats it all as deadly serious and supremely disqualifying.  All the while, they have celebrated a man who actually did all of these things and more, Bill Clinton — and his wife who made it all possible for Bill Clinton to do it.

Hillary Clinton was Bill Clinton’s enabler.  Hillary Clinton helped Bill Clinton live that life by seeking to destroy the women that came forward.  If the Republicans were like the Clintons, Melania Trump right now would be leading the effort to discredit every one of these women. And somebody on the Trump campaign team, like a James Carville, would be running around saying, “Well, you know, this is what happens! Your big TV star and you run into all these low-class women that you never see anywhere but trailer parks!

“Hell’s bells, these kind of trash? They’re always gonna be around powerful men.”  That’s how the Democrats did it with Bill Clinton, by going after the women.  And the media helped them destroy Bill Clinton’s accusers.  But when it comes to the Republican nominee, it’s a full-court-press effort to make every one of these women appear to be truthful and credible.  People need to ask themselves: If Trump was actually Bill Cosby, why hasn’t all this surfaced prior to now?  Remember, the women that have been accusing Cosby have been doing so all of his life.

Bill Cosby didn’t wake up one day and 30 women were accusing him.  Cosby’s had to deal with this for a good number of years.  Trump’s been dealing with it now for a week?  One week.  And look at the process underway.  And you go on CNN, and these infobabes and the anchorettes talk to the reporters who find these women and there’s just pain and suffering on their faces and in their eyes. “Oh, how terrible. Oh, how horrible.” And yet not a single woman in 30 years ever tried to go public with details of what Trump did.


Look Americans. You need to put a stop to the POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION. If you don’t nobody of any substance will ever run for President as a Republican again. You need to let the Democrat Party know that this form of campaigning is forbidden.

Again Rush speaks:

Let me ask you, the American people: Is it not time you grew suspicious of this?  Is it about time you automatically rejected it and recognized it for what it is: Direct manipulation of you, trying to influence the way you vote on subject matter that is irrelevant to the challenges this country faces!  None of this is relevant to any of the things that have you interested in this presidential campaign.  None of this has anything to do with economic policy.  None of it has to do with national security.  None of it has to do with illegal immigration.

None of it has to do with rebuilding the military.  None of it has to do with our serious law and order crime problem.  Not one aspect of the stuff that really matters has anything to do with any of this so-called sleaze that has attached itself to Donald Trump.  You need to seriously start asking yourselves why you haven’t heard this in the 30 years Donald Trump’s been a public figure.  You have to begin asking yourself, why is it that every four-year presidential election you do hear it, but only about Republicans.

And you need to ask yourself, why is it that when Democrat presidents and candidates literally act this way, it’s covered up, it’s romanticized, even, it is promoted, it’s laughed about, and it’s discarded as irrelevant.  Because this tactic and technique is so obvious by now, they ought never get away with this anymore.  It’s about time you all rose up.

For all of you who are tired of politics in America, for all of you who think that you can’t trust anybody in it, for all of you who believe that nothing ever gets done, that the parties can’t work together, ask yourselves who is it that is promoting the continuing division between people in this country. Who is it that is continuing to manipulate you and trying to get you emotionally piqued and focused on things that don’t matter, probably didn’t happen, and certainly have no bearing whatsoever on the future of this country?

And if you want to believe that Trump did this stuff, and if you want to believe that that disqualifies Trump, ask yourself why you love JFK.  Ask yourself why you don’t find any problem with Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton has been accused of rape.  The women who have accused Bill Clinton of abuse cannot get noticed.  A woman nobody ever heard of yesterday owns CNN right now.  Women that nobody ever heard of yesterday, the day before, last week, last year, are all over the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC.

Women who have been desperately trying to get themselves to be heard about Bill Clinton, have been shouting since the 1990s.  And they are mocked and laughed at and discarded as a bunch of lying, mean-spirited, jealous women.  You can say about Clinton’s accusers anything you want.  You can denigrate them, you can impugn them, you can call them gold diggers, you can call them celebrity screwers, you can say whatever you want and it’s perfectly fine.

It’s about time.  Even those of you who are Republicans and this is bothering you and maybe turning you away from Trump if it is, I, it’s about time you get a grip and realize what’s being done here.  Look, probably for many of us, it’s easy to believe.  Why would they lie?  I know the thought process.  Why would they lie about this?  Why would these women lie?  Why would these women subject themselves to lying?  People that ask that question still do not understand the nature of liberalism.  They do not understand the inherent lie and dishonesty that liberalism is.  They do not understand at all the tactics, both strategic and otherwise, political, that the Democrat and the left uses.

This is the type of campaign ads the Democrats dream up:

And so my friends the ball is in your court. Make a decision but be sure you know all the facts and that it is a rational one. And let’s put a stop to the POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION.


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