We Got Trump Because The Republican Voters Wanted A Brawler

The Lexington Libertarian has said this before and posted it here. But for those of you who are still scratching your head wondering how Trump ever got the Republican nomination for President, let me tell you. THE PEOPLE DID IT.

Or let me tell you the same story again. The Republican Establishment and its legislative leaders said they could not fight Obama’s agenda unless they became a majority in the House. So with the help of the Tea Party, they turned the House around to a Republican majority. But they said we still can’t stop him we need the Senate. So in 2014 Republican voters gave the Republican Establishment the Senate. And there still was no opposition to Obama’s radical agenda. Now the voters put their legislators there to do battle but the Establishment refused to fight.

As a result and after nominating two wimps for President, the voters – the people – said screw you, we want a brawler. We are tired of being pushed around, slandered and lied about. We want a knockout puncher and we don’t care how uncouth he is as long as he is ready to do battle.

Rush says it so much better:rush-22

Let me get into a little bit more detail about what I mean when I say this is what it looks like when an outsider attempts to wrest control of the establishment away from the genuinely powerful, I mean, those who are really, really powerful in our country.  You know, the politicians like to slough blame, it’s Wall Street, these big corporations.  No, no, no.  It’s the political class that has all the power.

It’s a mutual admiration society.  I mean, the wealthy donate, keep them afloat, keep them in business. So it’s a shared thing, and they have their internecine fights even during the best of times, but they unify when there is an assault against them.  And this is a serious assault.  And what I mean when I say that this is what it looks like when an outsider tries to win is, this is what a genuine political fight looks like.

And to understand this and to follow me here, you have to — you in the base are not gonna have any trouble, but I think we will all agree on our side that the 2008 presidential election followed by the 2010 midterms — well, before I get specific, let me give you the umbrella.  People in the Republican base have seen over the last eight years that people they elected they thought were going to take the fight to Obama and the Democrats and stop it or try to, didn’t.  And the people in the Republican base who elected Republicans, voted for them on this basis, they finally wised up.

There isn’t any fight.  There isn’t any opposition to Obama and the Democrats, not on the stimulus, not on Obamacare, although to be fair, on Obamacare they didn’t even have the numbers.  They couldn’t have stopped Obamacare legislatively.  But since Obamacare passed they have promised over and over to repeal it, to try to repeal it, and haven’t.

The 2010 midterms we were told, “Well, look, we can’t do anything if we don’t have numbers.  You’ve gotta give us the House.  It’s the only way we’re ever gonna be able to stop Obama.”  So people showed up in droves.  It was a landslide Republican victory in the 2010 midterms featuring this new thing called the Tea Party.  These people went to the polls in record numbers and they fully expected that the Republicans were gonna fight back or try to stop the advance of the Obama agenda.

It didn’t happen.  Then 2012 rolls around, the Republicans nominate milquetoast.  The establishment gets the nominee they want, not any pretense of fighting back, not a whole lot of enthusiasm, and a lot of the Republican base stayed home and didn’t even show up.  Anywhere between two and four million fewer voters in 2012 on the Republican side than in 2008.

In 2014, Republicans said, “Look, Obama still has the White House.  Yeah, you gave us the House, but he’s still got the White House. We can’t stop him. We need the Senate.”  In 2014, landslide Republican turnout, landslide Republican win. Between 2010 and 2014, the Democrats lost over 1,000 seats in the House, in the Senate, state legislatures, governorships, was it massive.  Still the Republicans who were elected on the promise that they were gonna fight, fight back, try to stop, didn’t.

And that’s all she wrote.  Republicans had done everything that had been asked.  The Republican voters had been asked, we need the House, fine, we gave it to ’em.  We need the Senate.  Fine.  And even after they got the Senate, “Well, you know, Obama’s still in the White House. There’s really nothing we can do.  ‘Cause we don’t have a veto-proof majority.”  So no matter what we did, no matter how many things they asked us to do and we did, they fell back on the “it’s still not enough” and there wasn’t any serious opposition to the leftist Obama agenda.

So here we are in 2016, and the Republicans had what they thought was the greatest field of potential candidates in a long time, 15 Republican candidates from across the spectrum led by the popular favorite Jeb Bush, and this was gonna be the day, this was gonna be the year, this was gonna be the moment in time we were finally gonna get it all. We were gonna have the House and the Senate and win the White House and get our committee chairmanships and hold onto it or what have you.  And the Republican base said, “Not this time.’

And they did what?  They nominated somebody as far from the political scene as you could get.  They nominated somebody that the political class gave no chance.  They nominated somebody that had no ties whatsoever to anything that had happened previously.  No elective office held, no participation on any policy, no fingerprints, no nothing.  And more than that, they elected a brawler.  They didn’t elect somebody who disagreed simply.  They elected a brawler.  They elected a fighter.  The Republican base changed its approach.  It’s not just that they chose an outsider.  This is why I wanted to expand on my theory here.

The Republican base decided to send a brawler, a knockdown, drag out street fighter, something unseen in the modern era of politics.  And, again, the reason the Republican base decided this was needed is because we, the Republican base, we know the left, and we knew what our nominee would face, we knew that this was the kind of campaign that whoever our nominee was going to face. And, as I said, anybody else would have folded by now.

And by “fold,” I don’t mean quit, but would have moderated his tone, would have diminished and fallen back to the point that he would be indistinguishable from any other Republican.  And the establishment would be supporting him and he’d lose in a landslide.  That’s what, I mean.  Any other Republican nominee under this barrage would have wilted long ago, probably during the primaries, and the left is used to that.  They are used to neutering Republican opponents.  They are used to taking them out early.  They are used to being able to mock them and destroy them and render them impotent months away from an election.

This has not happened, because the Republican base said, “Screw it.”  After all of these campaigns with all of these assurances that they were gonna fight back and stop, none of it happened; it was time to send a brawler.  Now, I’m not describing an actual thought process that happened. I’m the talking about Trump gets in, is the person he is, campaigns the way he did, and the Republican base said, “Yeah!  This is what we’re talking about!” and overwhelming got behind him.

And they got behind him not because of the usual reasons you get behind a candidate: character and political experience and a record that you can examine.  None of that mattered.  All that mattered was somebody was gonna happily and cheerfully take the arrows and throw ’em right back.  Somebody was gonna take all the shots and fire right back and not put up with any of it, in defense of the voters.

This is the thing I think that the Republican base hasn’t yet figured out, is that all of these attacks on Republican politicians are also attacks on Republican voters.  And they go undefended, they go unanswered, and people know that they are not these crazy things. People are not reprobates. People are not racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes and they’re tired of not being represented as such.  Trump comes along and it is happy days are here again.  The establishment Republican candidates did not have a chance.

So this is it.  This is now what a political fight looks like.  The forces on the left have had to unify because they have never had to face anything like this in recent years.  They are used to a docile and conforming and embarrassed Washington Generals type of opposition in the Republican Party.  But the Republican base knew what any Republican nominee was going to get.  If they could tarnish and destroy and demonize Mitt Romney, they could do it to anybody.

And so it didn’t matter.  Whoever was nominated was going to get the treatment that Trump is getting now.  The Republican base wanted a fighter.  They wanted a fighter, a brawler, and somebody who was not going to give up and cave in and become like the Democrats in order to sue for peace and thus we have a genuine fight. 

This is what it looks like.  It is in the sewer because that’s where the left has taken it.  We’re in the sewer and the gutter because that’s where the Hillary campaign and the media have taken it and are taking it and leaving it there.  We are in the gutter, we are in the sewer, we are in the swamp because that’s where the Democrats have taken it.  It’s not because of who Donald Trump is.

We are in the sewer, we are in the gutter because that’s the only way the Democrats know how to win, and they have not faced this, in your lifetime or mine.  Well, I always have to exempt Reagan.  Reagan befuddled them and won two landslides.  But we have a nominee who, for once, has no problem counterpunching.  Wherever they hit him from, he hits back, whether it’s in the sewer — you know, so they’re out there saying that Trump is this and that and he’s a horrible, rotten guy, and they’re saying, “Okay, you guys have got this election rigged. You guys are taking unfair advantage.”  And they think that Trump’s the reprobate.

They’re the ones that have taken us to the sewer.  The Democrats, the media, the establishment have taken this campaign right — maybe it’s so low they look up and see the sewer.  But we’re there, not because of that’s who Trump is.  We’re there because that’s where the Democrats have taken the campaign.  Because the Democrats can never go high.  The Democrats can never elevate.  Here the Democrats have a chance, because of what they’ve done, they have a chance to become the party of optimism and good cheer, and they can’t do it because it’s not who they are.

So we’re in the gutter, we’re in the sewer, we are in the filth and the muck and the yuk because they have taken us there. And we’ve got a guy who’s punching back from the filth, from the muck, from the sewer, whatever, and the Democrat Party and the media have not had to put up with this, they’ve not had to experience this.  They’re used to people rolling over for them.  They’re used to the opposition kowtowing, quitting, resigning, admitting whatever allegations are made.

Believe me, folks, this fight is exclusively about that the Republican Party has let down its primary supporters.  By primary, I mean base.  It has let them down.  It has promised and not delivered.  And the establishment, they’re part of it and they circle the wagons here and they focus fire on Trump as a degenerate, as a reprobate, and they fire all of these usual political weapons.

They use every trick in their book.  Okay, he hates women.  War on Women.  He’s a racist.  He’s a sexist.  He’s a bigot.  The Republican base has heard this said about every nominee that we’ve nominated, and they know it is total BS every time it’s thrown around.  Mitt Romney was not a sexist, a racist, he didn’t hate women, he didn’t hate animals, he didn’t kill women, didn’t do anything of the sort.  Republicans didn’t fight back, Republican base livid. 

Ditto, George Bush.  George Bush lied, people died, George Bush is Hitler, they could do books on assassinating George Bush.  Republican voters know it’s not true, George Bush a fine man, may have been wrong on immigration, but he was not the reprobate that the Democrats make him out to be, but there was no push-back, no fighting back. Republican voters disappointed and let down again. And so it goes.

So everything they’re throwing at Trump, every Republican voter has heard it said about every Republican nominee since they’ve been alive.  There’s not one thing new.  They got rid of speakers of the House. They got rid of others by claiming women — Meanwhile, they on the Democrat side embrace and harbor their abusers and rapists.  They lie about others.  The female candidate for president on the Democrat side has attacked and bullied and threatened women who came forward, and the Republicans don’t say so.  Donald Trump does.

The Republican base chooses Donald Trump.  The Republican base knows that everything the Democrat Party alleges about our nominee is actually true about Democrat nominees.  And they’re fed up with having their candidate taken out of every race on bogus, malicious lies, with no push-back.  And that’s why there’s Donald Trump.  And that’s why all of these so-called women coming forward with all of these so-called stories of abuse is like battleship being sunk with a BB.  You can’t do it, it isn’t gonna happen.  Republican voters have heard it their entire lives about every Republican nominee, and as far as they’re concerned, it’s about time this kind of crap stopped working.

And as long as there is a nominee who wants to fight back on all of it wherever the Democrats take it, they are going to support him.  And that is what is happening.  We’ve got polling data out.  Hillary up 11, Hillary up 12, Hillary up four.  Take a look.  She’s not at 50 percent in any of them.  But it’s gonna jack the Real Clear Politics average up for her, which is gonna be the big news tonight or tomorrow.

Republican voters are used to being depressed and dispirited.  Well, they’re used to the Democrats and the media trying to make them feel that way, and they’re fed up with it.  Every two years, every four years, it doesn’t matter.  Any effective Republican anywhere, on television, on radio, it’s the same stuff, the same way the Democrats use the same techniques to destroy anybody who is effective in opposing them. 

Republican voters see it.  They’re tired of it working.  And so, they’re not going to let it work.  Not this time.  Because there’s somebody who’s not resigning because of it, he’s fighting back.  Every allegation, he throws it right back in their face.  The experts say, “He’s got to stick to the issues.  He’s gotta get back.  He can’t keep answering these charges, every charge, it’s just gonna be distracting.  It’s gonna take him off focus.”  And yet he continues to hit back on every freaking charge, every allegation.  He hits back, calls ’em a bunch of liars, tells everybody they’re rigging the game.

They’re not used to this kind of push-back.  They’re used to be being able to manipulate opposition candidates into doing what they tell ’em to do, like, “You guys better support amnesty or you’re never gonna win the White House.”  Right.  So the Republicans come out and support amnesty and that’s why none of ’em got the nomination in 2016, one of the many reasons.

The Democrats come out, they say, “You guys, if you’re gonna White House again,” like they care, “you had better get right on abortion, you’d better get right on immigration, amnesty, you better get right,” and the Republicans, “Yeah, yeah, you’re right. We’re in danger of losing the Hispanics.” So they do whatever the Democrats tell ’em to do, and they lose. And Republican voters are tired of seeing it. They’re tired of supporting it and given the first chance in a long time to not support it, they did, and that’s Donald Trump.


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