Chris Wallace’s Rigged Question About A Rigged Election

chris-wallace-march30editedSo let me get this straight. Chriss Wallace asked Trump if he would accept the results of a rigged election before the election is even held? So what he was really asking is would Trump give up his right to contest the election. Did Al Gore give up his right to contest the 2000 election and all the hanging chads? Please, spare me!

And then Wallace did not ask Hillary the same question, the only time in the debate when only one of the two was supposed to answer his questions. That’s bias.

Then the media, all controlled by the Democrats and all Leftists, goes bananas and once again the Republican Establishment falls right in line behind their enemies instead of the Party they have pledged allegiance to.The reason the Democrats jumped all over the Trump answer is that they do not believe that the election is rigged. And if they do they are too much for it to admit it.

Once again, the Republican grassroots, the voters, deliberately nominated a brawler for President so that he would fight both the Democrats and the media and not roll over and play dead. Voters on the Right side of the aisle were sick and tired of wimpy milquetoasty candidates.

The American Thinker reports:

Chris Wallace’s rigged question about a rigged election

It was déjà vu all over again when Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump the question that has dominated the news media ever since, drawing new attacks on Trump from political establishment stooges everywhere.

Back in the spring, during the primaries, Trump was asked if he would sign a pledge to support whoever the eventual GOP nominee might be, pledging not to challenge that nominee and, in the end, to support that nominee.  Trump, along with every other GOP primary candidate, agreed to take that pledge, only to watch other GOP candidates refuse to keep that pledge and support him.

Trump didn’t fall for the same trick twice.  This time, he answered Wallace by saying he would look at the situation at the time and leave everyone in suspense on the matter – a conservative approach to a blind loaded question aimed more at Trump’s supporters than at Trump himself.  The real question was, would Trump supporters accept the outcome of a rigged election?

Wallace had posed a loaded question, and much to the disdain of the pro-Clinton propaganda media, Trump was smart enough to stay out of the corner this time.

Finally grasping the level of anger in millions of American voters fed up with establishment politicians, their complicit news media, phony polling data, and a growing mountain of evidence proving that the election is indeed “rigged” in favor of Hillary Clinton, the media is in a mad search for any way available to quell the rising tide of angry voters before the pot boils over on November 8.

Hard evidence of “election-rigging” is so overwhelming at this point that the only way to deny it is to flat-out lie about it.

Trump At His Desk
Trump At His Desk

Hillary Clinton insulted Trump’s answer to Wallace’s rigged question, saying, “This is how democracy works!”

But it’s not how it worked in 2000, when Democrat presidential candidate Al Gore refused to accept his loss and wanted those “hanging chads” counted again and again and again until the election would have swung in his favor, once there were enough hanging chads on the floor.

It’s not how it worked when Hillary Clinton claimed that George W. Bush was “selected, not elected” in 2002, or when John Kerry stated that the 2004 election, which he lost handily to Bush, was “rigged.”

Asking Trump if he would accept the results of a “rigged election” before the election is even held reminds me of the time Nancy Pelosi told Americans that they would have to pass Obamacare to see what was in it.  Both were insanely foolish, but not on Trump’s part.

A day later in Delaware and Ohio, and under fire from the Clinton-media, Trump announced that he will accept the outcome if he wins.  Exactly…the fight isn’t over until it’s over, and this fight is far from over.

Last, on this matter, why didn’t Chris Wallace ask Hillary Clinton if she would accept defeat by Trump?  Could it be because everyone including Chris Wallace knows exactly how “rigged” this election is?  Mr. Fair and Balanced certainly wasn’t Fair or Balanced with this question.

Chris Wallace should never have asked that question.  It was inappropriate unless he asked it of Hillary Clinton, a career criminal and the most unpopular Democrat candidate in DNC history.



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