Broadcast Media Mired In Tabloid Sex And Sensationalism

Megyn Kelly has had it in for Trump from the very beginning. Now admittingly, Trump is no Saint but the fact that he has been slandered by false charges does not stop the media from giving those charges a whole bunch of air time. It would be nice id the media would also devote equal time to Hillary’s lies and abuse of her office. But alas the media is in the bag for Hillary and hates Trump. And Megyn Kelly is representative of that media and her defense of women has blinded her to the dirty politics of personal destruction.

Also she, like many other reporters, has become totally enamored of political polls many of which are skewed towards Hillary. The fact that some of these polls could be deliberately putting out false numbers does not even enter her mind.

The fact is that Hillary’s entire campaign for the Presidency has been one big Trump attack. We have no idea what her vision is for the country. Giving abundant air time to very questionable charges, ignoring policy differences and refusing to air them and devoting the majority of reporting time to sensationalism MAKES TODAY’S BROADCAST MEDIA A TABLOID. Any resemblance to news reporting or an in-depth reporting of the issues is purely incidental.

American Thinker reports:

Sparks fly as Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich clash on air

Newt Gingrich, never a shrinking violet when it comes to fighting back against biased questions, met Megyn Kelly on air last night, and an epic battle erupted.  As Election Day nears and the mainstream media drumbeat of doom for Donald intensifies, tempers are flaring.  Tongues are wagging and pixels are being mobilized in response to last night’s blow-up, with some commentators seeming to be pro-Kelly/anti-Newt.  Josh Feldman of Mediaite:

Newt Gingrich faced off with Megyn Kelly tonight and completely lost it. Gingrich, who most frequently appears in Fox primetime with Sean Hannity, seemed to be very, very thrown by actually being challenged on Donald Trump being behind in the polls.

Kelly very persistently pressed Gingrich on the fact that all the polls show Trump is behind. Gingrich pointed to certain states where Trump’s doing well and said the pollsters have an agenda.

Kelly pointed out Fox’s polling has Trump behind too and said, “You tell me if that’s all made up.”

Gingrich started to get a little snippy and said we all should just go home if she thinks the election’s over. He insisted that the odds “are pretty good” that Clinton doesn’t win.

Others saw the encounter through the other end of the telescope.  Sundance of Conservative Treehouse:

Megyn Kelly’s ‘too-cute-by-half‘ snarky and condescending schtick finally brought Newt Gingrich to the point where he gives it back to her.  It is remarkable it took this long before someone finally called her out[.]

Sundance repeats a lot of snarky gossip about Kelly’s personal life that I have heard, too, but cannot verify one way or the other.  He also contends that her ratings are down and her contract is up, making this a crisis time, and by implication perhaps a point at which Kelly may want to make herself more attractive to the likes of MSNBC, CNN, or ABC, for example.

Sundance also notes something that I have noticed.  Megyn Kelly looks a lot angrier these days:


Kelly, always a pointed questioner, has distinguished herself this election cycle with the blood she drew from Donald Trump with his “blood coming out of her…wherever” remark.  That may end up being one of the most remembered phrases of the campaign and will dog Kelly the rest of her days.  For all kinds of careers, as well as for the GOP, this election is a change moment.

So who came out better? ….. you decide.


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