Major Party Realignment Underway

At this point, it looks like a major Party realignment is underway.

Trump is doing poorly with the elderly retired, single women, the affluent, the college educated professionals, large corporation professionals, the Millenials, those now studying in college, and government bureaucrats. The essence of this Democrat support is coming from 1) those who are living off the government, 2) immigrants and refugees, and 3) those who have been brainwashed by the Left in our Leftist educational system and (4) Minorities.

Trump is doing well with farmers, ranchers, small business people, Blue Collar lunch pail manufacturing workers, White males, High School graduates, elderly still working, those in the military, and those employed in law enforcement.

This may turn around the electoral map. Trump is losing Florida and all the pundits say he cannot win without Florida. But he can if he wins Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota where he is outperforming past Republican Presidential nominees by a wide margin.

Most realignments take a few election cycles to complete. Thus while we can see Florida going Democrat,  –   North Carolina, Georgia,Texas, Arizona, while they are making large Democrat gains will remain Republican for this election. But the trend shows them moving over permanently into the Democrat column. The Democrats have already won Virginia and Nevada and look for those two to be permanently Democrat in the future. The only Southeast coastal state the Democrats cannot flip is South Carolina because of the large number of military and retired military there.

On the other hand, Trump is making major inroads into the Rust Belt. We show Trump winning Ohio and flipping Iowa. Look for these two to remain permanently in the Republican column. He also has a chance at winning Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota all Democrat strongholds. Look for all these states to go permanently Republican in the future. Republicans will also be able to put Missouri permanently in the Republican corner also and hang onto Indiana. The only Mid-West state they will not be able to crack is Illinois, because of the Chicago Democrat machine.

It is going to be pretty much an even swap between the two political parties. Generally what we can predict is that the working class, the military, law enforcement are going to go Republican permanently. Republicans will no longer be the party of the rich. It will take over the Blue Collar working class and maintain the small business people.

The Democrats will become the party of the affluent and the big corporations. The little guy has switched over to the Republican Party except for those living off the government. Joe Six Pack is no longer a Democrat.

The Democrats will take over control of the Upper Class and the very Poor. The Republicans will take over  the Middle Class, and the lower Middle Class, and split the Upper Middle Class.

This should make for some really hard-fought elections in the future, not only for President but also for the Senate.


Hillary is doing better than expected in some areas because she invested $10 million in pin-point targeting. This means that she is sending text messages to possible voters that are Democrat sympathizers as identified by a sophisticated computer program collecting metadata on people, much like NSA uses to combat terrorism. She also has a much bigger ground game than Trump of door knockers and free rides to the polls.


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