Media Colluding With the DNC To Nail Republicans

Once again the Left has raised its ugly head and proved that they will not play fair, they don’t care that they don’t play fair and that the end justifies the means because they are the only ones who are moral and correct at all times. Any other view is heretical and needs to be squashed, and the best way to do that is ad hominem attacks. Gun and Bible carry Conservatives are especially evil.

In this case, we find the Liberal/Left/Democrats pretending that they are objective media while they demonstrate that they are merely Democrat Operatives. Remember John Harwood was the Moderator for one of the TV Political Debates.

John Harwood
John Harwood

Rush reports:

The collusion between the media and the Democrat National Committee and the Clintons is just amazing.  I told you I don’t know how long ago that the media is not news anymore.  But the media is simply Democrats and party hacks that are disguised or assigned as journalists.  A new email shows John Harwood, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, asking John Podesta for question ideas from Jeb Bush.  John Harwood, who moderated one of the Republican primary debates, sent emails to John Podesta, ranging from FYIs — Hey, John, for your information, I dug this up on so and so — to compliments to Podesta.

John Podesta
John Podesta

Now there’s an email from Harwood to John Podesta, which has the subject line:  “What Should I Ask Jeb?” referring to his upcoming interview with Jeb Bush back in September of 2015.  Harwood is going to interview Bush and he’s asking Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager: What kind of questions should I ask? Meaning: How do you want me to nail the guy?  Now, keep in mind, Jeb Bush is probably going to vote for Hillary.  Keep in mind these never Trumpers are going to vote for Hillary. And here we learn that a reporter — ostensibly doing a fair and honest interview with Jeb Bush, Republican presidential candidate in the Republican primaries — is actually being given questions by the Hillary campaign.

But that’s not all, ladies and gentlemen.

We also find out that CNN was looking for questions from the Democrat National Committee to ask Ted Cruz when they had an interview with him.  They sent an email to one, two, three, four, five, six people at the Democrat National Committee. “Please send some topical interesting questions we can ask Ted Cruz.  Maybe a couple on Fiorina.  Somebody please take point and send them all together by 3:00 p.m.  Thank you.”  Now, why couldn’t people at CNN think of anything to ask Ted Cruz? (interruption) They want to make sure… That’s exactly right: They want to make sure they’re doing right by the campaign.

They’re asking the campaign, the Democrat National Committee, essentially, “How do we nail Cruz for you?  What kind of dirt do you have on Cruz that we may not know that you could give us so we could ask him about it?  How do we bury Ted Cruz for you?”  That’s what this is.  This is what you call rigged.  There is no media.  There is no news.  There is the Democrat Party and its agenda, and everybody in the media is a Democrat for the express purpose of advancing that agenda.

They’re all Democrat operatives. Some are assigned as journalists some are think-tankers. Some are assigned to run for office. Some are legislative aides.  Some are in the regulatory agencies.  Others are assigned to the media.  So CNN is asking… They did the same for Trump.  They asked the Hillary campaign for questions on Trump.  They also asked… The Washington Post writer, Dana Milbank, was doing a profile of Trump.  Dana Milbank asked the Democrat National Committee for any “anti-Trump research” they had that he could put in his profile.

And you call the Democrat National Committee you’re calling the Hillary campaign.  You’re certainly not calling the Bernie Sanders campaign.  So questions for Cruz, questions we can nail Trump with.  Please give us your research — your oppo research on Trump — says Dana Milbank, and Harwood wanting to know what he should ask Jeb Bush.  These people have got to go. This is the kind of inbred, incestuousness that is destroying what everybody thinks of their government and thinks of Washington.

It’s got to stop or we’re finished.


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