2016 Presidential Election Results By County



The Red = Republican

The Blue = Democrat

The final popular vote is not yet in.

Actually, as the final tally comes in from 2 states not yet called – Michigan and New Hampshire the popular vote total is almost the same. What would have pushed Trump in the popular vote lead would be absentee ballots. They tend to go 2 to 1 Republican. Unfortunately, unless the total of absentee ballots is greater than the margin between the two candidates from those who went to the polls and voted, they are not counted and destroyed. In Michigan and New Hampshire, the vote is so close, that is what they are doing. And counting these absentee votes is done by hand and takes days, sometimes weeks.


Hillary was able to pile up huge popular vote advantages in California, New York, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Massachusetts. However, in many other states she ws sorely lacking.  This negates an argument for scrapping the Electoral College as a direct election by popular vote would always be determined by the heavily populated coastline states. Middle America would be disenfranchised.

But if there is any doubt who should be President consult the map above.


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