Some Thoughts On The Election Of Donald Trump To The Presidency


For the first time since Ronald Reagan a Republican Presidential candidate tapped the Silent Majority constituency.  These are the Reagan Democrats, the lunch pail blue collar workers, Joe Six Pack. The Democrats have been waging war on the Middle Class for the last 8 years. It was long overdue for someone to champion their cause. Obamacare was killing the Middle Class budget, illegal aliens were depressing wages and taking away jobs, regulations and increased taxes were destroying small business. Trump saw the need and he became the Middle Class’ white knight riding in on horseback to save the day.

Democrats look down on this constituency. They peer down their nose and sneer at the “stupid people” who never got more than a High School education. They (the Democrats) are the elite with college educations, many with Masters Degrees and PHDs. The rabble – well its OK if they vote for us but we don’t want anything to do with them.

So many Liberal/Left pundits look aghast at how many of these Blue Collar workers voted for Trump. They proclaim that Trump got all the “stupid White people.” Actually Trump received 45% of the college educated vote and Hillary got 49%.

But nobody mentions that Hillary got 80% of the Black High School vote. I guess we can’t call the Black people with a High School education or less – stupid. But it’s OK to label Whites with that moniker.

And while we are at it let’s talk about the polls. There were three honest polls this time around – IBD, L.A. Times and Rasmussen. The rest of the polls were Liberal/Left mouthpieces for Hillary and they deliberately published false polls giving Hillary a non existent lead in order to suppress the Trump vote. THEY WERE LIES! The ABC poll went from +12 for Hillary to +1 for Hillary in one day. That was the pollster coming back to reality so that in the end it did not have egg on its face.

But even three days before election day these Liberal/Left polls went back up to +5 and +6 for Hillary. IT WAS TOTALLY BOGUS. Again an attempt to suppress the Trump vote. Don’t bother to vote, you Republicans. It’s all over, it’s in the bag for Hillary.

Those bogus polls skewed the Real Politic average. While IBD, L.A. Times and Rasmussen were showing Trump +1 or +2 the average with the bogus polls was showing Hillary still up by 3. But the average was BOGUS, also.

And there was no great turn around, no sudden change at the last minute. Trump was ahead for the last ten weeks of the campaign. The great shift was a mirage, an imagination fueled by BOGUS POLLS affecting the average of all polls.

Finally let me ask you. When Republicans and Conservatives lost to Obama in 2008 and 2012 did they cry and carry on, march in the streets, burn the American flag, destroy property? Did Republicans call Obama Hitler and make ridiculously hurtful charges that had no basis in fact?

The American people need to wake up and realize that many of these protesters are full time paid anarchists who’s purpose is to disrupt and create chaos. They are professional thugs and troublemakers being paid by George Soros to create as much chaos as they possibly can.


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