The Vile Left



Come on folks, this is way over the top. Of course, that is how the in your face Left operates. Remember many of these protesters are paid thugs. George Soros is funding anarchists to create chaos. Just like he did for the Trump rallies where the violence got blamed on Trump.

This is not true dissent. This is manufactured hate. We call on the President of the United States to do his job and put a stop to this. Of course, community organizers love this kind of stuff. If we had a Department of Justice that was impartial and invested in the Rule of Law we would have equal justice applied to all citizens. But the DOJ has been politicized and operated as a part of the DNC. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE SO MUCH CIVIL UNREST RIGHT NOW. IT IS LARGELY MANUFACTURED. IT’S FALSE – NOT REAL – MADE UP.

January’s inauguration cannot come too soon.



                                                                                                                               THIS IS UNCIVIL PROTEST



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