Bus Bound for Chicago Discovered Carrying Fake Trump Protesters

The Federalist Papers reports:

Evidence has begun to emerge suggesting that at least some of the protests occurring across the country in response to the election of President-elect Donald Trump were being staged.

For instance, take what happened in Chicago last Saturday, when thousands of anti-Trump protesters reportedly hit the streets to chant “Not my president!” What was odd was that a huge line of buses was seen near the very spot where the protesters had gathered.

“I have a video of five city blocks on the west side of Chicago lined with buses from Wisconsin (Badger Bus Lines) bringing in protestors (sic),” an observer of the protests told Zero Hedge. “The Sears tower is visible in the background.”


There was no evidence to confirm that the buses were indeed there for the protesters, but the theory surely did fit.

 What’s more, advertisements had reportedly begun springing up on Craigslist offering wannabe protesters up to $1,500 to “stop Trump”:


While some might be tempted to dismiss these ads as fake, there was in reality nothing phony about them, according to The Seattle Times.

The paper was reportedly able to trace some of the ads — at least the ones posted in the Seattle area — to the Washington Community Action Network, a leftist activist group.

“(A)fter Trump’s election, Washington CAN started recruiting employees to oppose his policies,” the 125-year-old paper reported last Friday. “‘Fight the Trump Agenda!’ said the recruiting ad, posted to Craigslist Thursday morning. ‘We’re hiring Full-Time Activists! (Seattle).’”


There you have it. While a few of the protests being seen may have been legitimate, the vast majority were likely nothing more than Hollywood-grade skits being performed by broke and aimless flunkies too lazy to invest in a career.

The mission was to present an image of an American majority unified in their opposition to the incoming president. Thanks to some quality reporting, the mission is being exposed.


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