Trump’s Victory All About Personal Financial Well Being

It wasn’t about Hillary’s E-Mail scandal or the Pay for Play of the Clinton Foundation. It wasn’t about Benghazi all of which Dick Morris concurs with above. It was about the personal finances of individuals. Jobs, jobs, jobs! No matter how the Left wants to spin it the economy is not doing well. Wages have been stagnant for a decade yet the cost of living keeps going up. More and more companies are moving to Mexico or other foreign lands because of bad trade deals and the U.S.A. having the highest corporate tax rate in the world making it no longer competitive in the world market. Democrats won’t lower the corporate tax because that is helping the rich. Actually it is putting people out of work and hurting the average Blue Collar worker. 1% GDP growth is the sign of an anemic economy. The labor participation rate is at its lowest point since the Carter years.


And Trump saw the issue and campaigned hard on jobs and reviving the economy partly through rewriting bad trade deals and partly with tax cuts (which the Left won’t do because it is helping the rich). Thus Trump was able to make major roads into the Rust Belt flipping Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, an area where American Manufacturing has been decimated.

Zero Hedge reports:

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Donald Trump’s Victory


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