Hillary Didn’t Really Win The Popular Vote

Supposedly Hillary won the popular vote by a little less than a million votes. But the Lexington Libertarian doesn’t believe it.

First of all I am believing that over 2 million illegal aliens voted. Add to that total felons and those incarcerated who were allowed to vote.

Next we have the dead people voting and the people who are voting for those who have moved away.

After that comes those that vote in two different states. They are usually bused from one state to the other.

The we have those who are paid to vote a certain way – very common in economically depressed areas.

Next comes the bogus mail in votes that are frauds in themselves.

Also what needs consideration here is that absentee ballots, if they do not excede the margin of victory are not counted but just thrown out. If they are not numerous enough to reverse the vote count, then why bother. Absentee ballots usually break 2 to 1 in favor of Republicans. In the case of Michigan and New Hampshire the race was so close that the absentee ballots had to be counted. That is what took so long for these states to declare a winner. You will notice that in all the rest of the states a winner of that state was declared election night. There is no way they could have counted all the absentee ballots and declared a winner before midnight. In fact Michigan and New Hampshie were not called for more than a week.

Finally we have the number one reason Hillary won the popular vote – VOTER FRAUD.  Voter fraud is usually perpetuated in Democrat states in heavily Democrat precincts. There the fraud is heavily insulated from discovry. Those who man the polls are Democrats, the election Comissioners are Democrats, the vote counters and handlers of voting machines are Democrats and the Secretary of State is Democrat. Democrats are notorious for having a blind eye to cheating – as long as it is done in their favor.



Before we leave this subject Let us also note that if we had a direct election of President by popular vote the style of campaigning would have been diffeent. Trump woul have campaigned more often in California, Illinois and New York and Hillary would have campaigned more in Texas, Tennesee and Georgia. But this election was not decided by the popular vote. It was decided by the Electoral College so the method of campaigning was entirely different. Both candidates campaigned most heavily in the batleground states – Florida, North Carolina, Ohio. Each candidate campaigned very little in their own strongholds or their opponents strongholds. They campaigned in states they thought they could flip. This never would be the strategy in a direct election of the President by popular vote. SO YOU CAN’T COMPARE APPLES WITH ORANGES.

Rush reports:

RushBut here’s the other thing about this Electoral College business.  Right now, let’s look at California and New York and if you are a Republican living in either state.  In the presidential race it doesn’t matter if you vote.  You are so outnumbered that the Democrat, no matter who it is — it could be Bugs Bunny — is going to win those two states simply because of the majority of Democrats that there are.  As such, presidential candidates don’t campaign in those states.  Trump didn’t go to California much.  I mean, he had a couple of rallies out there early on during the primaries.

Hillary didn’t spend any time in those states other than to go fundraise.  But other than campaigning, people don’t do it because it’s a waste of time, waste of money.

They didn’t spend that much advertising out there, accept as it might be run nationally if you buy certain California markets and New York markets.  But there are no campaigns in these states.  Instead we have battleground states, which are toss-ups based on the electoral vote, and so that’s where the bulk of campaigning takes place every presidential campaign.

If there were no Electoral College, you’d have an entirely different electoral vote count and picture in New York and California because Republican votes would matter.  Candidates would campaign there.  The entire shape of the campaign, the entire appearance would change dramatically.  But because it didn’t, to now go out and erase the Electoral College results for whatever reason is exactly what Dr. Arnn here suggests:  It would be foolish and not representative of the campaign at all.



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