podesta-election-nightWe the people dodged another bullet. We didn’t elect a drunk to the White House. There have been ongoing reports of Hillary’s drinking for a few years now. Tha narrative intensified with her failure to address her workers the evening of the election. Apparently she was too drunk to come down and tell her supporters what her plans were or to concede.

Instead she chickened out and sent down Podesta who told the crowd to go home and come back tomorrow. What a mean thing to do. Of course if you are falling down drunk, I can see why you don’t make an apearance. Still it goes to show that she is more concerned with herself and not much concerned with anybody else.

There are also reports that upon learning that she had lost, Hillary went into a drunken rage and had to be physically restrained. Mixing booze with high powered prescription medicines is a cocktail that can alter behavior and explains a lot of Hillaty’s unsteadiness and her observed weakness, also her bouts of anger.

Because of her problems, whether medical or addiction or both, she failed to campaign as heavily as Trump did. The Donald roared into the Rust Belt and scooped the election away from Hillary who stayed home and “rested” – wink, wink.


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