The Obliteration Of The Democratic Party!


The Democrat Party is losing its old base. 43% of Union households voted for Trump. The Democrat Party has been hijacked by the extreme far Left. Hillary’s big surplus vote came from California, New York, and Massachusetts where most of its Congress people come from. It has become a coastal Party, only in power on the East and West Coast.

The nation has some 5000 Counties. Hillary won only about 300 of those 5000 Counties. No wonder Democrats want open borders.

A Libertarian Future writes:

It Wasn’t The GOP That Died In 2016, It Was The Democratic Party



During the primaries many in the media began predicting that if Donald Trump were to win the Republican nomination for President, and lose, it would cause a major schism in the GOP. Many thought it would be the death of the Republican party and it would split between the moderates and conservatives. It actually turned out the other way around. Trump won the Presidency, and it is now the Democratic party which is on its deathbed. Over the last eight years under President Obama the Democrats have been reduced to their lowest level of power in a hundred years.

Even before the 2016 Presidential election the Democratic Party experienced massive losses at the state level. In 2008, the Democrats controlled 60/99 state legislative chambers. After the 2014 midterms they only controlled 30. They lost another two state senate chambers and a house chamber this election. In total, the Democrats have lost 949 state legislative seats during Obama’s Presidency. In addition, they’ve gone down from twenty nine Governorships to only sixteen; including three lost this election. It’s been a complete and total blowout that erased Democrats’ century-long power base in the South. The Republican party now controls every single legislative chamber in the South and all but three Governorships.

In addition to losing the South, the Democrats have also lost power in the Rust Belt. The three states that handed Trump the Presidency; Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, all have state houses controlled by Republicans. Wisconsin and Michigan each have Republican Governors as well putting them into the one-party-state category. Republicans now control both state houses and the Governorship in twenty four states, while Democrats will only control six. Of the remaining twenty states, Republicans control both state houses in seven.

Any smart political party would see this seismic shift and immediately begin an introspection to see what they’ve done to cause it. The Democratic party isn’t doing that though. Hillary Clinton is blaming her loss on the Comey letter. Congressional Democrats are sticking with coastal establishment elitists Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as minority leaders. They’re even considering nominating liberal Muslim Keith Ellison to chair the Democratic National Committee. None of those actions says ‘let’s get back in touch with white, rural and suburban America’. If anything it says they’re doubling down on what got them to this point.

It seems as if the Democrats have largely written off their losses and are going to depend on urban minorities to make up their base going forward. They’re going to continue to push liberal positions that might play well in California and New York, but turn off voters everywhere in between. That hasn’t worked well for well for them over the last eight years, but if they want to continue shooting themselves in the foot, they’re more than welcome to.


Now the Democrats want to double down on their far Left path. The want to appoint Keith Ellison   as Party Chairman.

The Daily Signal reports:

The leading candidate to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., has said he wants the Democratic Party to come out against the Second Amendment, compared the 9/11 attacks to the Nazi Reichstag fire, and was affiliated with the controversial Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Ellison has advocated for a single-payer health care system, a carbon tax, hiking taxes for high earners, and cutting the defense budget.

The conservative group America Rising PAC showcased a video last week from Ellison delivering a 2007 speech where he said that the 9/11 terrorist attacks was comparable to the Reichstag fire in Germany that helped bring Adolf Hitler to power.

“Remember 9/11. You would never have all this discrimination against religious minorities but for 9/11,” Ellison said. “We had it, but we don’t have it to the degree we have it now. 9/11 is this juggernaut you get in American history. It’s almost like the Reichstag fire. It reminds me of that. You know what I’m talking about?”

Someone in the audience asked, “Who benefited from 9/11?” Ellison responded, “Well, you and I both know. But the thing is, you know, after Reichstag was burned, they blamed the communists for it and then put the leader of that country into a position where basically he could do whatever he wanted.”




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