The Pollsters Tried To Transform America In the 2016 Election


The Lexington Libertarian doesn’t  believe there was a giant last minute shift. Rather the biased political polls who favored Hillary deliberately reported bogus numbers to deceive the American people into thinking that Hillary was winning. Some did this very subtly. In polling White males, they concentrated on the more affluent college-educated white males and excluded most of the High School degree only White Males. Many pollsters used 2000 or 2008 models that were outmoded. They failed to recognize that this was a very unusual year with Trump waging a very unorthodox campaign. They had no way to account for all those people who voted who had never voted before or who had not voted in decades. The last minute registered were never considered and did not make it into any polls.

Where Morris is right is that pollsters carried their prejudices into how they operated their polls and what questions they asked and who they chose to poll. They did not understand the rage of the American public and the importance of economics in the election – the lack of good paying jobs, stagnant wages, Obamacare and higher and higher taxes. American workers have steadily been taking home less money for a decade now. Yet the intelligentsia had their head in the clouds, preferring to debate such topics as who can use what bathroom instead of the plight of the average Blue Collar worker.

The Democrat Party lost the Blue Collar vote in this election for the first time since WWI. And the pollsters never saw it because they never asked the right questions from the right people. It was the Elite polling the Elite and THE FORGOTTEN PEOPLE, The silent Majority, were once again ignored which intensified their rage. They would have voted for Mussolini over Hillary just to make their point and get back at the Establishment for ignoring them. But the pollsters never saw this because they were in the wrong states using an antiquated model asking the wrong questions from the wrong people. The Rust Belt was poorly polled, the pollsters assuming that these states were in the bag for Hillary. But pollsters should not ASSUME.

But the point to remember is that most of these polling outfits are not stupid. THEY WERE DOING ALL THIS DELIBERATELY because it fit their narrative and because they wanted to aid the person they wanted to win – Hillary. If they could convince Joe Six-Pack that the election was all but over he might stay home instead and crack open another beer. You have to remember that with the Left everything is political, everything is politicized, EVERYTHING!


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