Democrats Still Trying To Steal The Election Even After It Is Over

Remember when Trump claimed that this was a rigged election, that millions of illegal aliens were voting which is pretty evident by Hillary’s 3.5 million victory in California? Who sends out dead people to vote, Republicans or Democrats? Who authorizes people who have moved to vote in two states at the same time, Republicans or Democrats? Who buses in scores of unregistered voters to crash voting places, Republicans or Democrats? Who deliberately opposes Voter ID Laws so cheating can take place, Republicans or Democrats? Who delays the oversea military vote so that it cannot be counted, Republicans or Democrats? When voting machines malfunction why do they ALWAYS change Republican votes to Democrat votes, never the other way around? Who is out on the street paying people to vote, in essence, buying votes, Republicans or Democrats? Who passes laws to extend early voting forever, pushes vote by mail, and same day registration, Republicans or Democrats? Who gives illegal aliens driving licenses used to vote with, Republicans or Democrats? Who authored the Motor Voter Law, Republicans or Democrats? Who sends out Registrars to Nursing Homes to “help” the elderly to vote, Republicans or Democrats? Was ACORN a Republican or a Democrat organization? Who puts Black Panthers at the polls to intimidate voters, Republicans or Democrats? Who pushed for poll watchers to be removed from polling places and won, Republicans or Democrats? Who has a financial interest in voting machine companies, Republican activists or Democrat activists? Who mysteriously discovered some 30,000 missing votes for Hillary from Philadelphia, Republicans or Democrats?

After you have answered these questions you next need to realize that the Democrats, thinking they had this election in the bag, told the American people that there was no voter fraud, that it was a figment of Republican’s imagination. Consistently Democrats told us that there is no voter fraud, no cheating, no problem with voter machines.

The plain fact is that Trump won IN SPITE OF VOTER FRAUD, because he racked up huge voter totals.

Now that the Democrats have lost, they have changed their tune and are claiming that there was massive Republican voter fraud. REALLY? Do they think that we are actually going to believe such crap?

Lloyd Marcus writing for American Thinker reports:

While Jill Stein is the public face of the recount scheme to steal the election from We the People, Hillary is behind it. Leaving no unprecedented conniving stone unturned to thwart the will of voters, Wicked Witch Hillary has implemented, “Operation Rub-out the Electors.” Her people sent threatening letters to electors trying to bully them to go against the will of voters in their states by not voting for Trump on December 19th. Imagine Wicked Witch Hillary’s behind closed-doors temper tandem, “Screw you voters, I’m taking this @%&#@*% election!”

Hillary’s delusional plots to overturn the election are also about branding Trump’s victory illegitimate; furthering the Left’s lie that Trump does not have a mandate. And may I say the Left is pulling out all the stops to destroy/undermine Trump’s presidency even before the man is inaugurated. You cannot turn on your TV without being bombarded with a tsunami of news shows attacking Trump, putting a negative spin on his character, decisions, and intellect.

This is the same media that gave Bill Clinton a pass, claiming any president offered oral sex from an intern would have gleefully accepted it. The same media that had no problem with Obama lying to Americans about keeping their doctorand giving our enemy $150 billion to fund terrorism. The same media that could not care less about Hillary’s documented lies, multiple crimes, and scandals.

Wacko black Democrat talking head operative Symone Sanders was on TV claiming Trump saying “make America great again” is racist, taking us back to slavery. This woman is insane. She is spewing the absurd crap from the Left we have been putting up with for eight years.

Meanwhile, political brainiacs on both sides still do not understand why We the People excitedly rallied behind alpha-male Trump. All we wanted was a leader with the courage to say, “Enough!”

Ms. Sanders and her ilk should be rejected and thrown on the putrid smelling junk-heap of Leftist divisiveness to rot in the bright sunlight of freedom, liberty and national brotherhood. Folks, I am so done with these evil people on the Left.

We the American People have your back, President Trump. Go for it, brother! We are with you all the way! Thanks and God Bless!


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