Patriot And Soldier James O’Keefe


While speaking at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in Florida, James O’Keefe declared the mainstream media is dead, following the 2016 presidential election.

The Traditional Media in this nation has killed itself. Reporters who are supposed to be impartial have been anything but. The Traditional Media have become nothing more than Democrat Operatives, cheering for the Democrat Party and spreading lies about Republicans. It has become so bad that major print newspapers are on the verge of bankruptcy. Print news magazines are languishing unsold on newsstand shelves. TV news has been losing viewers every year.

The plain fact is that the American people want the news without the opinion. And when they do want opinion they want it labeled as opinion. There is no problem with opinion writers and opinion TV shows but objective newscasters and reporters masquerading as impartial purveyors of the news when they are not is not meeting with favor by the American public.

Because Traditional Media would not allow objective and Conservative opinion on their outlets, these people went underground and created the Alternative Media. It was Internet media, blogs and websites that collected objective and Conservative reporters and commentators. And then the Alternative Media took to Social Media and created a whole new venue for political and societal thought.

Today the Alternative Media far outstrips the Traditional Media. Donald Trump ran a whole Presidential campaign on Twitter and Facebook rather than running the typical TV political ads. He held rallies that thousands of everyday Americans attended rather than press conferences.

We predict here that President Trump will not have a White House Press Corps and will not hold Press conferences nor even bother with a Press Secretary (well maybe not the last one). The Traditional Media treated him so badly that he HAS BYPASSED THEM. He doesn’t need a biased press to get his message to the American people. Trump is going directly to the American people


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