Captured By Far Left Ideology

Here is a fine example of a Leftist being captured by their ideology. When you sign onto the Far Left ideology you cannot permit any opposing or alternative point of view. Any other view then becomes heretical. And heresies cannot allowed to be  promulgated. Heresies must be squashed and destroyed at all costs.

Thus we have before us a perfect example of a Far Left ideologue. One who will not debate the issues because the alternative point of view is bogus and should not be allowed. As you watch this woman you can see that she totally dismisses any other view except her own and the way she does this is to trash individual people with massive ad hominem attacks. Anybody that does not believe as she does is a Hitler. This substitutes for rational, thoughtful discussion and debate. Reason and logic are thrown out the window and in their place, we have emotional diatribes of venomous bombast.

Welcome to the world of an idealogue.


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