Finally Some Sane Environmental Policy

As we here at the Lexington Libertarian have mentioned many times there are two sacrosanct points in the Liberal/Left catechism:

  1. Abortion
  2. Man-Made Global Warming

If Republicans try to mess with the Left’s version of either of these two planks in the Democrat platform they are in for a huge fight.

Firs,t there will be a fight over every Supreme Court Judge nominee if that person is Pro Life.

Second, if you dare to appoint a Climate Change skeptic to head the EPA, all hell is going to break loose.


Dick Morris reports:

Trump’s Best Appointment…Ever!

President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be the new head of the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

This appointment is great.  The best Trump has made.  Pruitt will clean up this den of extremists and xenophobes if anybody can.

I got to know Pruitt when he spearheaded the law suit against ObamaCare that landed before the U.S. Supreme Court.  It was Pruitt who actually decided to read the ObamaCare Act and found out that it allowed subsidies only for patients who got their health insurance through state exchanges.  Those who used federal exchanges, like Oklahoma, did not qualify according to the plain language of the statute.

Not content with the winks and nods he got from the Administration that Congress must have really intended to grant subsidies to those who went through either state or federal exchanges, he insisted on the actual letter of the law.  After pursuing the case through federal district courts and the court of appeals, he ran into a Supreme Court ruling that was as odd as it was unexpected.  The Court ruled that the statute didn’t really say what it said and allowed subsidies to patients from state exchanges.

No matter that he lost, Pruitt had the imagination, energy, and courage to pursue the suit through all the courts.  It was, at the time, the best chance to knock out this obnoxious law.  Nobody else was willing to try it until Pruitt did.

What a qualification for the head of EPA!

The entire flimflam structure of federal environmental regulation is based on a constitutional absurdity.  Like the ObamaCare case, one has to be blind or illiterate to consider the agency’s actions to be allowed by the statute.

The legal basis for the incredibly minute and specific regulation by EPA of power plants and industries — all in the name of stopping carbon emissions — is the Clean Air Act, passed run 1970 to curb pollution before anyone had thought of global warming.  The Act, intended to cut emissions of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, lead, and other recognized pollutants is now being used by the environmental extremists to cut carbon dioxide emissions.  Carbon dioxide is, of course, no pollutant but the by-product of our breathing!

Yet the liberal EPA has tried to extend the jurisdiction conferred by the Clean Air Act to curb carbon dioxide emissions.  The Supreme Court has not ruled on the intent of the original statute, instead deferring to the scientific judgment of the EPA on what is and is not harmful to human health.  While nobody believes carbon dioxide is harmful, the left treats as a sacrosanct the belief that it contributes to climate change.

Pruitt can be counted on to throw out the entire mess and maze of regulations and set industry free as long as they don’t endanger our health.

The economic benefits of eliminating these unilateral regulations — which do not fetter our Chinese competitors — will be immediate and untold.

If automation is our only real answer to cheap Asian wages, so inexpensive power is the prerequisite to automation.

Thank God for Trump.  Thank God for Scott Pruitt.

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