The Left Unhinged

You did not see Conservatives when they lost to Obama freaking out and becoming cry babies. Once again, Liberal/Left Democrats cannot tolerate alternative views. They believe that they have the one and only true way and that any other way is heresy. Consequently, they just cannot believe that their way could be rejected. Hillary right up until the last minute election night believed that she was going to win and win big. She did not concede the election that night because she had no concession speech prepared. She had no concession speech prepared because in her mind there was no possible way the American people would reject her candidacy because her positions were the one and only true way and that was all self-evident.

Much of the Left lives in a fantasy world where Nirvana is created by a group of omniscient elites who rule the rabble of society for their own best interests. And that elite is them. For this reason, they feel that it is morally right for them to cheat, lie, slander – do anything possible to win elections because the end justifies the means.  The morally superior position of the Left empowers them to use any means to implement it because, in the end, their way is the one and only true way. The Left feels so morally superior to the Right that while Conservatives think Liberals are wrong, Liberals think Conservatives are evil. This justifies the Liberal/Left’s use of violence and extreme harassment to destroy their opponents.


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