The Dump Trump Movement Continues


Did anybody besiides Dick Morris ever consider that Trump is making nice-nice with Putin in order to form a coalition against China? Trump has many times over warned that China is destroying our economy by its product dumping, currency devaluationa and violations of trade treaties. Meanwhile China is arming itself and fortifying some man made islands in the Pacific.

At the same time Nancy Pelosi is calling for an Independent Commission, not one from Congress, to ascertain the legality of the 2016 Presidential election while her daughter Christine Pelosi organizes Electors to deny Trump the 270 votes he needs in the Electoral College.

All of this is an attempt to deny Trump the Presidency and if that cannot be accomplished then to discredit and delegitimaize his election.

The recounts didn’t work, Fake News hasn’t worked to topple Trump. New means will be tried because the Left will never, never give up and will forever seek any means whatsoever to remove Trump from the Presidency.

If all that fails then the Left is calling on Obama to declare the election illegal and order a new election take place.

If that attempt fails then rumor has it that Obama will drastically increse interest rates at the Fed throwing the country into economic chaos which can be blamed on Trump.



One thought on “The Dump Trump Movement Continues

  1. I hope after everything goes as planned and trump moves in the Whitehouse that people will see the supposed need on this site is FAKE! There was a hack, it was linked to Russia, the clearly biased FBI who sabotaged hillary during election prolly does dispute the evidence, and hopefully that info will be public soon. Im not a hillary supporter either. I voted for bernie, then Johnson. Based on this media, I want to give up on entertaining this party any further


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