What Happens When You Substitute Multiculturalism For Assimilation

What has happened to Sweden can happen to the United States. And it is a good lesson to those nations who desire to help refugees and the less fortunate in the world.

You cannot bring into your country those people who will not assimialte into your culture. You cannot bring in outside people who ecpect their host country to conform to their culture.. That’s backwards. When you relocate to a new country you must be willing to accept the culture of your new country.

If you allow competing cultures with comepeting views of life to exist side by side in your country – THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF MULTICULTURALISM – then you are asking for trouble. For what will happen is open warfare between the cultures.

So when we – the United States – allow immigrants who will only accept Sharia Law we sow the seeds of our own downfall. Those Sharia advocates will grow and multiply and when they become the majority in an area they will vote in Sharia Law and ban US Law. And American citizens will be required to conform or suffer the consequences.

And while we are at it, Ameriucan citizen or not, if you don’t love this country, if you think it’s evil, then please leave. All you people who threatened to leave this country if Trump was elected please keep your promise and go.  Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out!

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